Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Dice Masters Age of Ultron - Starter

The Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron Starter Set is the 3rd starter release for Marvel Dice Masters. It can be played on its own, or with dice from other Marvel Dice Masters products!

With game-play that supports two players in epic dice battles, Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron will continue all of the amazing action Dice Masters veterans are used to!

44 Custom Dice
38 Cards
Two Dice Bags
Complete Dice Masters Core Rulebook
Everything two players need to play Marvel Dice Masters!

Here are the cards that you will find in this set, starting with the action cards ...


and then a quick look at the characters ...

Black Widow: Natasha
"Black Widow can’t be blocked unless your opponent spins down one of their character dice."

Black Widow: Spy
"Teamwatch – When you field a character from the same team, Black Widow can’t be blocked by only one character this turn."

Black Widow: Cold Warrior
"Black Widow can only be blocked by Sidekicks."

Captain America: Super Soldier
"While active, prevent all but 1 damage to you from any action or character abilities."

Captain America: The First Avenger
"While active, whenever you take non–combat damage, spin this character up one level.
* Also gain 1 life."

Captain America: Man Out of Time
"While active, each time you take non–combat damage, deal 1 damage to opponent."

Hawkeye: Formerly Ronin
"When fielded, opponent gains 2 life."

Hawkeye: Clint
"Teamwatch – When you field a character from the same team, deal 1 damage to an opposing character."

Hawkeye: Trickshot
"When this character attacks, choose an enemy character who must either block Hawkeye or take 2 damage (opponent’s choice)."

Hulk: Smash!
"Hulk can only attack alone."

Hulk: Bruce Banner
"Teamwatch – When you field a character from the same team, Hulk gains Overcrush until end of turn."

Hulk: Big Green Bruiser
If Hulk attacks and is not blocked, spin him down one level instead of moving him to the used pile (if able)."

Iron Man: Big Man

Iron Man: Genius
"Teamwatch – When you field a character from the same team, Iron Man gets +1A until end of turn."

Iron Man: Invincible
"When Iron Man attacks, you may pay a Bolt to give him +2A until end of turn.
* He gains +3A instead."

Thor: Not Who You Expected?

Thor: Goddess of Thunder
"Every time Thor takes damage, reduce that damage by 1."

Thor: Worthy
"Thor can’t be targeted by opposing Action dice that would target one character."

Ultron: Bringing Order
"When fielded, capture an opposing character die with a fielding cost 0 (return it at end of turn)."

Ultron: Peacekeeper Gone Wrong
"When Ultron is blocked, capture all blocking characters (return them at end of turn).
Global: Pay 2xFist to force an opposing character to block a character of your choice this turn."

Ultron: Creation
"When fielded, capture a target non–Villain character die (return it at end of turn)."

Vision: Phasing
"Gets +2A when blocked by a non–Villain character die."

Vision: Ultron’s Spy
"When fielded, deal 2 damage to a non–Villain character die. If that would KO the character, put it in its Used Pile."

Vision: Negotiator
"Teamwatch – When you field a character from the same team, deal 1 damage to a non–Villain character die."

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