Thursday, 2 April 2020

Pokemon League at Home

Today we are trying a Pokemon League event whilst everyone is at home.

We are running a Pokemon Go Ultra League Tournament. Each player has to pick a team of 6 pokemon which they will use to battle in a series of best of three games.

Today we have 4 players. Here are the teams that they have chosen.

RioGwe has chosen...

ShadowPup42 has chosen...

Whiplashor has chosen...

and GarytheDreamer has chosen...

And here is what happened, after three rounds there was a tie for first place. There were three players with two wins but Jake and Chris had both won 2 matches 2-0, so they would need to play again to see who would be our first champion.

Chris eventually won the day beating Jake 2-0 in the final match. Well done to all our players, here are the final standings ...

CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS, I look forward to battling you all at the next one!

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Pokemon League at Home

Tomorrow we would be normally running one of our Pokemon League sessions and as we can't be there this week due to the countrywide lock down caused by Covid-19 we will be running a Pokemon Go tournament instead.

For this event we will be matching the currently league format which is ULTRA LEAGUE

The event is scheduled for 4pm, and I will need to know who is playing and hour before that.

Each player will submit a list of 6 pokemon on FB messenger, this will be done by the player with the highest level first and finish with the player with the lowest level. Teams will be posted between 3pm and 4pm. All six of these pokemon must be different.

Players will be match randomly with another player which will be announced on FB messenger by myself. One player will be announced as the challenger and will pick his/her team of 3 pokemon from the list of 6 they provided earlier and challenge the other player who will also pick their team of 3.

Matches will be the best of 3, with players permitted to change their pokemon between games but only from the original 6 they selected.

Results will be reported back via FB messenger and entered into the reporting software by myself.

Rounds will depend on the amount of players and the results will be posted on FB. Hopefully we will repeat the event for future League days and at the end of the season have a local champion.

Friday, 27 March 2020

FNM at Home

How can I do that at home, answer is "IN MTG ARENA"

What: Three FNM events that give all MTG players a place to play familiar experiences.

When: March 27, April 3, and April 10, each for 24 hours, running Thursday at midnight to Friday at midnight, PT.

Who: Anyone with an MTG Arena account (download here!)

Entry fee: None

March 27—Challenger Decks
Choose between the four preconstructed 2020 Challenger Decks and jump in to challenge others.

April 3—All Access
Build a deck with any cards in Standard, whether they're in your collection or not. Play others, build more decks, play again. Rinse. Repeat.

April 10—Historic Brawl
Build a 60-card Brawl deck with your Standard and Historic cards, and battle!

The goal with these formats is to provide fun ways to play in a Friday Night Magic-like environment, whether you're downloading MTG Arena for the first time or you've been playing since the Open Beta.

But to fully experience these events, you need to connect online with us at KD Games. Here's how.

Step-by-step, here's how it works:

  • Play in the event (win or lose as much as you want)
  • Take a screenshot of your event page
  • Post your screen shot on our FB page or FB FNM event
  • I will message you with a special code to unlock some special MTG Arena sleeves. (I will also send you a friend request so that I can add you to our MTG closed group.
  • You can play anytime that you want (although the FB event will be created for our usual times.)
  • During our usual FNM times why not chat via our FB group and let everyone know how your games are going.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020


Last week we received delivery of the solitaire game Orchard. It is really quick to learn and only take minutes to play. If takes a lot longer to master however. I have now played it countless times and still can't get any higher that 45 points. 

Orchard is a quick solitaire 'tile laying' game that plays in under 10 minutes. The aim of the game is to harvest fruit (score points) by playing cards so that their fruit trees overlap other trees already in the orchard that bear the same fruit. The more trees you can overlap, the more fruit you'll pick.

As well as the 9 double sided cards, you'll need 15 dice (of 3 colours) to keep track of your increasing harvest, and 2 cubes to represent 'rotten' fruit. These allow you to lay a card that you wouldn't otherwise be able to - but come with a points forfeit. So you must decide if and when to play them.

Currently the top score is held be Vince, which is 47

Think you can beat it? If so then why not pop in and have a go with our demo copy, better still why not buy one for yourself and play until you do.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Heroclix Monthly Events

Starting next January we will be running some constructed Hero Clix events. Each one will be 400 points and will cost £3 to take part. There will be prizes from the following kits...

JANUARY will be ...

JANUARY 6th 2020 - WINNER Vince

FEBRUARY will be ...

FEBRUARY 6th 2020 at 7pm

MARCH will be ...

MARCH 5th 2020 at 7pm

Tuesday, 10 December 2019