Tuesday, 7 July 2015

8 years on!

Today 8 years ago I first open the doors of Kids Dreams, a toy shop at number 79 Boundary Road in Hove. Within a few months we started selling games such as Warhammer and MTG. Since then a lot has changed including our product ranges, but we are at heart still the same.

Our first adverts had the tag line 'Treat your children to a piece of your childhood' which referred to many of the traditional toys that we sold. This is still however a major part of what is now KD Games. We sell some great games many of which you can play as a family. Playing board games was a big part of my childhood and we hope that even in the digital age it will still be a part of our children's lives as well.

We have traded in a number of locations and held many many events throughout the area in all kinds of settings. In fact tonight we are running our regular Tuesday Night gaming evening tonight, which we hope you can come along to at the Royal George on the Holmbush Roundabout.

Magic the Gathering has been a big part of the business since Paddy convinced me to stock it and this weekend we will host our 19th MTG prerelease which started with Mirroden Beseiged back in 2011. I think some of you may have attended all of them, which is incredible!

These 8 years have brought many great memories and introduced me and my family to some great people. Some of our customers are still attending our events and buying our products since they first started at 'Young Guns' our first games club.

So today I would like to thank all of our customers for sticking with us for the last 8 years and hope that you will continue to be part of our community in the months/years to come!

The new MTG set is called Origins so it seems a perfect time to celebrate where KD Games came from...


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