Saturday, 18 July 2015

Seven Wonders Op Kit

We are currently running the Splendor League which has given player a chance to win some really good prizes and the final will be held this August giving four players the chance to win a really cool playmat. There is still time to get involved just let me know and I will sort out some games for you.

If you are enjoying the league and wonder what you will do when it is all finished, well hopefully we will be able to take part in the next great Op kit from AsmOPlay...

7 Wonders has been enthralling gamers since its release in 2010 and has also won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres in 2011.

The AsmOPlay program offers exclusive promotional items that will be on the wish list of gamers across the continent. Included in each of the 7 Wonders OP kits is a stunning Art Pack that features new alternative artwork for seven of the original Wonder boards with both A and B sides to them. A new promotional version of the 'Palace' card with new artwork by Miguel Coimbra and a 7 Wonders playmat that will help structure the play area and set-up of the game.

As yet we don't have any details of how the Op will work or even if we will get one. It might be another league, it might be a tournament. Once I know I will let you know - so watch this space!

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