Friday, 31 January 2014

Born of the Gods Trail Deck - Insatiable Hunger

Insatiable Hunger

The "Insatiable Hunger" deck is based around increasing your mana production to summon a horde of giants, beasts, and hydras to crush your opposition. Many of the creatures in this deck have the new tribute mechanic, which forces your opponent to choose whether your creature enters the battlefield with additional +1/+1 counters or gives you some beneficial effect.
There are a wide range of tribute effects, from Snake of the Golden Grove, a 4/4 that either gains you 4 life or becomes a 7/7, to the gargantuan Nessian Wilds Ravager, a 6/6 that enters the battlefield as a 12/12 unless your opponent is willing to let it fight one of their creatures.
To support your giant monsters, this deck has burn spells likeLightning Strike and Pinnacle of Rage, and even Fall of the Hammer, which deals damage to a creature equal to the power of one of your creatures. Your larger creatures should be able to easily handle most of the forces your opponent deploys in a match, so you may want to save your damage-dealing spells for creatures with flying or intimidate that you can't just stomp in combat.
There are plenty of red and green cards that fit right into this deck. Verdant Haven from the Magic2014 core set allows you to enchant one of your lands to make it produce extra mana, as well as gaining you some life to survive until you can cast your big creatures. Flame-Wreathed Phoenixfrom the Born of the Gods set is the king of tribute. Your opponent has to either let you have a giant flying Phoenix . . . or give it haste and allow it to return to your hand if it ever dies!

Born of the Gods Intro Deck - Forged in Battle

Forged in Battle

Crash through your opponent's defenses with a combination of heroic creatures, powerful Auras, and instants that enhance your creatures in combat.
A creature with the heroic mechanic gets extra benefits whenever you cast a spell that targets it, whether that spell is an instant, a sorcery, or an Aura. If your opponent has blockers getting in your way, you can tap them with Elite Skirmisher or, better yet, use Akroan Conscriptor to steal one for a turn and add them to your attacking force.
Naturally, you need something to target your creatures with to get them going. Fall of the Hammer lets you target one of your own creatures and have it deal damage equal to its power to another creature—and that includes any +1/+1 counters it gets from its heroic trigger. Dauntless Onslaught andCoordinated Assault are both great ways to completely turn the tides of combat, each allowing you to target multiple creatures.
If you're looking for more heroic creatures, Fabled Hero from the Theros set is a powerful option. Its double strike ability doubles the effect of any power-pumping you have. Anax and Cymede is another great heroic creature if you like building up an army. Its heroic trigger gives your entire team +1/+1 and trample. If you're looking for more ways to target your creatures, Shiv's Embracefrom the Magic 2014 core set lets you grant one of your creatures the strength, flight, and fiery breath of a dragon.

Born of the Gods Intro Deck - Death's Beginning

Death's Beginning

The "Death's Beginning" deck focuses on building up a massive graveyard and playing creatures that grow stronger based on the size of your graveyard. Whether it's Commune with the Gods filling your graveyard and helping you find giant monsters or Nighthowler growing larger for each creature in either graveyard, this deck has no shortage of powerful punches.Eater of Hope gives you yet another way to fill both graveyards: by sacrificing your own creatures to destroy your opponent's forces. Even something as fundamental as trading your creatures for your opponent's in combat is an effective way to get more cards in both graveyards and prolong the game.
There are more things to do with a big graveyard than just power up your creatures. Pharika's Mender and March of the Returned will both let you pick and choose which creatures to bring back from your graveyard for an encore performance. The Mender will even let you return enchantments like Weight of the Underworld, which can destroy a second creature. With the right series of plays, Rescue from the Underworld can put the mighty Eater of Hope onto the battlefield earlier than you would normally be able to cast it.
If you want more ways to cast your large creatures quickly, Elvish Mystic from the Magic 2014core set is a great way to get ahead on mana. If another creature that benefits from filling up graveyards is what you need, Champion of Stray Souls from the Born of the Gods set lets you sacrifice creatures to return your best creatures from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Born of the Gods Intro Deck - Inspiration - Struck


Creatures with the inspired mechanic have abilities that trigger when they become untapped, offering great rewards to anyone willing to find creative ways to tap and untap them.
Attacking your opponent is the easiest way to get your creatures tapped, but this deck also has other ways to get your creatures tapped. Black Oak of Odunos lets you tap your creatures to give it a boost. It's a tool for holding off your opponent's forces while making sure you're able to trigger all of your inspired creatures each turn. Springleaf Drum is an artifact that gives you mana at the cost of tapping a creature.
There are plenty of benefits you can get from creatures with inspired. Deepwater Hypnotist can give a creature -3/-0 to make that creature a less effective blocker, allowing you to continue your assault. Aerie Worshippers and Forlorn Pseudamma will overwhem your opponent with token creatures if the game goes long enough. If you can untap Arbiter of the Ideal, you'll be able to look at the top card of your library—and if it's an artifact, creature, or land, you can put it onto the battlefield for free.
Untapping is an integral part of Magic, so there are plenty of directions to go when you're looking for cards to add. The Born of the Gods card Claim of Erebos is an Aura that grants one of your creatures a powerful Tap ability. Thassa, God of the Sea from the Theros set has an activated ability that keeps your creatures from being blocked, letting you keep up the assault.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Born of the Gods Intro Deck - Gifts of the Gods

Gifts of the Gods

With the "Gifts of the Gods" deck, use your versatile enchantment creatures to either deploy a large force or power up one mighty creature to topple your opponents.
Bestow is an ability found on some enchantment creatures that allows you to cast the card it's on as either a creature or an Aura. If the creature it's enchanting leaves the battlefield, an Aura with bestow turns into a creature instead of going to your graveyard. Bestow allows you to build up multiple different abilities on one creature, and some combinations are deadly effective. Thassa's Emissary and Flitterstep Eidolon, for example, will allow you to make an unblockable creature that draws you a card each time it deals combat damage to your opponent.
Griptide and Excoriate are great for clearing out creatures that are giving you trouble. Floodtide Serpent allows you to get multiple uses out of your enchantments that have abilities that trigger when they enter the battlefield. Silent Sentinelallows you to return enchantments from your graveyard to the battlefield when it attacks.
Building up lots of abilities on a single creature is a great path to victory. Fiendslayer Paladin from the Magic 2014 set comes with first strike and lifelink, so it's a great choice if you're looking for a creature to enchant.
If you're looking for more bestow creatures, it's hard to get better than Eidolon of Countless Battles from the Born of the Gods set. Its power and toughness—and the power and toughness bonuses it grants to the creature it enchants—are each equal to the number of creatures and Auras you control, which is usually going to be a big number!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Buy a Box Promotion

We are now taking orders for full booster boxes of the new MTG set 'Born of The Gods'

Although the boxes will not be available until release day, we can now accept payment. We only have 10 of the promotional cards this time, so only the first 10 customers will get this offer. The Buy a Box promotional card this time is ...

Pre-orders can only be taken by making full payment of £89. These can be ordered at any of the prerelease events, at this weeks FNM or online!

I am also at Tarmount Studio on Thursday 30th January until 1pm if you in the area!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Prerelease Draft - Saturday/Sunday Evening

In addition to the main Prerelease Tournament events which are being held on Saturday 1st February and Sunday 2nd February, we will also be offering a three booster draft after then main event on each day!

The Draft costs £12 and players each receives 2 Theros Boosters and 1 Born of the Gods Booster and a spin down life counter (while stocks last)

This event is open to 8 players and tickets will be available at KD Games Night and KD Magic Night this week as well as on line!

We aim to get these events started at about 6pm, and should be finished by 9:30pm. If you want a space then please book it soon.

Monday, 27 January 2014

This Weeks KD Games Night

This week due to the function room being fully booked we are at the Scout Hut in Vale Park so we can not start until 5:00pm , will be charging just £2 for each player as normal.

We will still have Pokemon (for those who still wish to play, just at the slightly later time), and Casual gaming all at the same time. I still have a few of the X&Y boosters but not many!

We will go through until 10pm and we will be playing Magic the Gathering, Heroclix and various board games. This is casual play - in other words just come along find someone to play against and play what ever you want.

As far as Vanguard League is concerned, we will still be running it for any players that are intereseted, but I could do with confirmation of numbers as soon as possible!

There will also be another chance for players to have a go at the new game called "Futurecard Buddyfight". I only have a few of the Flash Decks to give away, along with some deck boxes and promos!

As all the scenery is already at the hall we can pretty much play anything tomorrow, so just let me know and I will try and get something set up!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lords of War Weather Expansion!

Due for release later this year following the successful Kick Starter campaign is ...

and I was lucky enough to have a sneak peak at it late last week! Well I can not give very much away at this point except to say that it will quite simply add a whole level to what is already a great game! 

If your not already someone that likes to moan about the weather - you soon will be!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Open Dueling

In addition to the main Prerelease Tournament events which are being held on Saturday 1st February and Sunday 2nd February, we will also be offering open dueling.

Open Dueling costs £12 and players each receive1 Born of the Gods Intro Pack

Open Dueling players use their Intro Pack to play against each other, as well as Prerelease tournament players who are between matches. Open dueling is a casual format that allows people to get the new decks a week before the release!

If you want to book a deck then please lets us know either at this weekends Gambit Sunday or by buying a ticket online from Monday!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Tonight's KD Magic Night

This week Magic Event

We will be at the Royal George again this week!

This week will be running a STANDARD event only.

The event will start at 6pm costing £3 and will consist of 4 rounds (3 if less than 8 players) and the top two players will get FNM promo card from a previous months!

Registration for the events will start at 5:30pm. Players are welcome to arrive from 4pm for trading, testing and casual play! Please pay on arrival to keep things running smoothly! This week I can not get into the room until 4pm so I might need some help with the tables, etc!

Remember that tickets for the Born of the Gods prerelease will be on sale! We are running two events this time and both are being restricted to just 30 players!!! If you want a space please book it today!

Tickets can be purchased online at :!trading-cards/c133f

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Today I have received one of the decks for the new Futurecard Buddy Fight which is the new trading card game released by Bushiroads. Aimed at a lower age group than its existing games Weiss Schwarz and Cardfight Vanguard here is ...

If you would like to learn how to play then why not watch the tutorial video below...

We have also got a demo version which players can use and I will be bringing it along to this weekends Gambit Games. Let me know if you want a game!

An with all good card games there is an animated series to go with it, the first episode of which can be found below ...

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Lords of War Event

At this weeks Gambit Games Day I am planning the first Lords of War tournament of the year ...

Starting at 4:30pm after the Pokemon Prerelease event it will consist of 3 rounds of single game battles.
We will be using the mats and decks must be of one faction. Depending on the amount of players the winner will either be the highest scorer after the rounds are finished of there will be a play off to find this years first Lord of War.

I will need 8 players for this event and I will have a couple of spare decks if you don't have one as well as both the current sets on sale!

Please let me know if you are interested in playing and I will make sure you are added to the facebook invite! 

Please note there is no additional cost for this event, and no prize. This will be the first ranking event of 2014 - more detail on this will follow in the next few days!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Pokemon League Challenge

This Tuesday will be our first Pokemon League Challenge (numbers permitting - we will need between 6 and 8 players)

League Challenge tournaments are designed to provide players with small, entry-level events on a local scale. These events are a great way to get your feet wet in the world of Premier Events.
In the Pokémon Trading Card Game League Challenge tournaments, players in each of the three POP-recognized age divisions can work toward earning Championship Points, potentially earning an invitation to the World Championships!

What is the tournament structure?

The tournament is run using the Standard Format and Age-Modified Swiss pairings. See the Pokémon Tournament Rules for information about the Standard Format and Swiss. The number of Swiss rounds to be run will depend on total attendance at the event. We will be running single-game Swiss rounds. League Challenge tournaments do not include a Single-Elimination portion; placement in the event is determined by final Swiss standings.

What are the prizes?

Participants will receive 1 Play! Point just for playing!
1st Place
  • A first-place League Challenge promo card
  • 15 Championship Points
2nd Place
  • A second-place League Challenge promo card
  • 12 Championship Points (if age division attendance is 4 or greater)
3rd Place
  • A third-place League Challenge promo card
  • 10 Championship Points (if age division attendance is 8 or greater)

Born of the Gods TIckets

Today I have added a further option to the ticket choices for the Born of the Gods prerelease.

As well as tickets for Saturday and Sunday's prerelease which will cost £23 and the combined ticket of both days at £45 there is now ...

The PREMIUM Ticket. This is for either day and will include a deck box and packet of deck protectors for an additional £3 which is a saving of £1 on these items (or 25% off the price of the sleeves and box). The box and sleeves will be ready for you on the day of the event and although you can select a preferred colour these will be subject to availability.

This will not be available on the day - this is only available this week - offer will finish on Sunday 26th January! (if you want sleeves or boxes they will be on sale but at full price!)

Any player that has already purchased a ticket and wishes to upgrade to a PREMIUM ticket just send me a message and I will sort it out!

Tickets for the coming prerelease can be bought online - CLICK HERE

There will be news soon of a possible further event on Sunday evening and the casual INTRO deck event which will be available on both days! Since it is likely to be a long weekend I thought player might like to see the food menu for the Royal George (please note the carvery is more expensive on Sunday)

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Born of the Gods

With the Prerelease only 2 weeks away here is a look at the trailer for the new set ....

and also here comes your first look at the promos for set which will be Prerelease promos (February 1-2, 2014) to the Release promo (Feb. 7-9) to the Game Day promos (March 1-2, 2014).



Game Day

Buy a Box

Thursday, 16 January 2014

This Week's KD Magic Night

This week Magic Event

We will be at the Royal George again this week!

This week will be running a LEGACY event and a STANDARD! (Assuming we have the numbers for both events)

I will need at least 6 players for each but obviously the more the better! 

Both events will start at 6pm costing £3 and will consist of 4 rounds (3 if less than 8 players) and the top two players will get FNM promo card from a previous month!

Registration for both events will start at 5:30pm. Players are welcome to arrive from 4pm for trading, testing and casual play! Please pay on arrival to keep things running smoothly!

Remember that tickets for the Born of the Gods prerelease will be on sale! We are running two events this time and both are being restricted to just 30 players!!! If you want a space please book it soon!

Judge Dredd Campaign

Do you play or would you like to play the miniatures game ....

If so are you interested in a campaign? We are planning to run a series of games during February on the 4th 11th 18th 25th at our Tuesday KD Games Nights finishing with the last games on 2nd of march at the Gambit Gamesday! 

Each player will need a 500 point list, we will have a small amount of models that people can borrow and still have a small amount of stock left for the game but not much so it will be first come first served! If you have not played before do not panic! Its really easy to pick up and we are happy to arrange a few games in the coming weeks!

So what is the plan? At each KD games night the following will happen ...

1. Challenges 

Each player involved in the campaign should roll a dice, re-rolling any ties. Anyone who won their last battle should add 2 to this dice roll. The highest rolling player must then choose a scenario to play and challenge another player to fight. The next highest rolling player who has not been challenged then makes a challenge of his own and so on, until every player has a game arranged. If there are an odd number of players involved in the campaign, the last player is free to either challenge another player for a second game in this round, or join forces with another player in a game that has already been arranged. 

2. Fighting Battles 

Once two players have a game arranged, it is time to prepare their forces. The player who made the challenge is the Attacker, if the scenario requires one. The Credit value of the scenario is set by the player who has the greatest number of Credits spent on his force. If the opposing player has less Credits spent on his force, he may freely add models from his Mercenary List until the Credit value of his force is equal to that of his opponent – he may not use mercenaries to take a force of greater value than that of his opponent. Once the two forces are ready, consult the scenario for set up conditions, and then fight! 

3. Calculate Victories,

Update Rosters Once every game has been played, players should determine who has won their scenarios and check to see if the Campaign Goals have been reached. After that, Force Rosters should be updated with any deaths and injuries and with Experience Points Heroes may go up levels and, eventually, Minions may become Heroes. You will gain an amount of Credits after each game, equal to 30% the total value of the opposing force, not including any mercenaries These Credits may be spent within your force list immediately, adding new models or upgrading existing ones. The losing force will receive 10% of the total!

That done, then we are ready for the next event!

Clarification on Mercenaries 

Whenever a player finds he is facing a force of greater points value in a campaign, he may use any number of mercenaries to bring his force into balance. He may add as many mercenaries as he likes from his force list, but his total force points value may not exceed that of his opponent. Once a battle has been fought with Mercenaries, they are removed from the force immediately – they never gain Experience Points. If you use any Mercenaries in your force, the amount of Credits you receive from the battle will have 40% of the credit values of all mercenaries that were not removed as casualties deducted from it. You are never required to use Mercenaries, even if you are at a great points deficit with your opponent. In fact, such a one-sided battle may become one of the best games you have ever played! 


We will have roster sheets and an excel sheet to keep track of the games and everybody’s credits 

We need about 6-8 people to make this happen - so what are you waiting for - sign up and get ready to do battle in the streets of Mega City One!!!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Avengers vs Xmen

Released this week are the new starter sets from Heroclix ...

Each Marvel HeroClix: AvX starter will include six figures, maps, the HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card and Core Rulebook – everything that players have come to expect from HeroClix starters. However, also included in each starter will be team specific action tokens and custom dice!

AvX Tokens and dice
The contents of these two sets can be found on this video ,

Both of these sets are available now and cost £34.99 each but for this week only will be reduced to the introductory pice of just £30

My Little Pony

So we have a new CCG in stock from today which is ....
My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game is set in the world of Lauren Faust's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As you progress through the game, you compete against another player to solve problems with your friends, which will help you win points. The object of the game is to be the first player to score 15 points.

The game consists of a character card, a character deck (containing about 45 "friend", "event", "resource", and "troublemaker" cards), and a 10-card problem deck. Each problem card has a variable cost depending on the direction the card is facing on the table.

My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game is sold in traditional starter decks, booster packs, and theme decks in addition to starter sets that contain two complete decks and special foil-embossed cards. Theme decks and starter sets are based on the "Mane 6" ponies: Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack.

At the moment I have only got a couple of the 2 player starter decks which will cost £16 but if players are interested we can stock the other items! These decks contain everything that 2 players need to start playing including over 230 cards! The video below shows the contents of this set in more detail ...

If you would like to learn how to play this game there are several 'how to' videos, here is a fairly straight forward one ...

Monday, 13 January 2014

KD Games Night

This Tuesday is another ....

Starting at 3:30pm with Pokemon League for both TCG and video games we will continuing with the new Fennekin League! The League offers player the chance to get special promo cards (when you complete 7 games) and limited edition charms (when you complete 28 games)!

Next up will be Vanguard League which will be 3 rounds of 'swiss' play with booster prizes for the winner! We are currently giving out promo 7 packs to all players that attend...

Finally the evening will finish with our regular KD Games night, offering players the chance to play a variety of games from MTG, Heroclix, X-Wing and many different board games! If you want to play a table top war game such as 40K please let me know in advance so that I can arrange for scenery!

Hopefully we will have news on some future events as well which will include Roy's X-Wing Campaign, the new Lords of War event, Pokemon Prerelease, Pokemon League Challenge and hopefully a new Judge Dredd Campaign!!!

There will also be the chance for players to purchase tickets for the coming Born of the Gods Prerelease

Friday, 10 January 2014

FNM is back!!!

I am very please to announce that from February 2014 we will once again be running fully sanctioned FNM events. We will still be advertising these night's as KD Magic Night, but you will now receive Planeswalker Points and up to date promotional cards starting with ...

This is thanks to a new partnership we have formed with A&B Gaming in Worthing! Which will bring the added bonus of another option for your Friday nights as they will also be hosting events on Friday at the slightly later time of 7pm!

We hope to be working closely with Bo in the coming months to ensure the very best MTG events are available to the community and watch this space for news of a team event around Easter!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bo for his support in helping to arrange the FNM events and the coming Prerelease for 'Born of the Gods'