Wednesday, 5 August 2015

MTG Origins Game Day

This Saturday it is ...

Origins Game Day - 08/08/2015

It will be STANDARD and will cost £3 to enter. It will be held in room 7 at the Shoreham Centre which is in Pond Road, Shoreham and will be starting at 1pm.

Each participant in the Magic Game Day tournament receives a full-art promo card, and each player in the Top 8 receives a premium full-art promo card, while supplies last.

The winner of each Game Day tournament receives a special Champion playmat to commemorate their victory. This limited-edition playmat is only awarded to the winner, so to help players get some practice in with there STANDARD decks before the event we have changed the FNM format from Modern for this week.


While mainly focused on providing a fun, relaxed environment in which to enjoy Magic, Game Day events are many players’ first experiences with competitive Magic. They offer a great opportunity to become familiar with some of the rules associated with the more competitive levels of play. Here are some important things to keep in mind:
  • Players should bring their own Standard deck, which is a minimum of 60 cards and has a sideboard of up to 15 cards
  • Players should remember to bring their own method for tracking life totals, as well as tokens, card sleeves, and counters

A Facebook event for the Gameday has been created so please could you confirm you attendance.

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