Saturday, 30 July 2016

How to play TANKS

In the last few weeks I have started to stock TANKS. This week I have received our very first OP kits and hopefully we will have somethig arranged very soon.

I thought it was time to post some basic information about how the game is played. First up we have a video from Gale Force 9 about the basic phases of the game ...

Next is the video showing how to build an army list...

We will be at Gambit Games tomorrow and hopefully we will get some basic games played. If you fancy have a go please let us know.

Cold War

World War II has left the world in upheaval, and many nations' futures are filled with uncertainty. The USA and the USSR are the only Superpowers who can lead the world toward a better future.

Cold War: CIA vs. KGB puts you in charge of a spy network during the post-war era. Your purpose: to "persuade" foreign governments to embrace the "proper" ideology, by any means necessary. Manipulate local factions of influence to get your coup d'etat up and running. Double-cross and eliminate your opponent's leaders. Gain prestige for your side by winning the Space Race, dominating the Olympic Games, or ensuring that one of your countrymen wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

In this decades-long conflict, victory will go to the side with the resources, conviction, and commitment necessary to ensure that their world view shapes the future.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Force of Will Vingolf 2

Due in next week is the new Force of Will set ...

Gallia is under attack, and the enemy is on our borders. The empire has come in search of ragnite and conquest, but they will find that only war awaits them. Join the legendary Valkyrur, descendants of an ancient race of warriors, and their friends across three generations of war. The Vingolf series of Force of Will returns! This time, Valkyria Chronicles takes the stage!

Vingolf series is a standalone, fixed series set.

Set Breakdown

Each box contains the 225 cards total:
5 J/Rulers
50 Resonators
15 Spells
5 Additions
5 Regelia
10 Special Magic Stones (Dual stone reprints)
5 Magic Stones
10 Card bonus pack


Card List as it currently stands is (more details will follow next week)
Card No.
VIN002-0011Alica Melchiott Ruler
Light LRare
VIN002-0022Clementia ForsterResonatorLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0032Edy NelsonResonatorLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0042Elshan FlowerSpell : ChantLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0052First-AidSpell : Chant - InstantLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0062Flak JacketAddition : J/ResonatorLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0072Homer PeronResonatorLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0082Irene ElletResonatorLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0092Jann WalkerResonatorLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0102LynnResonatorLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0112Marina WulfstanResonatorLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0122Martha LipponenResonatorLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0132Susie EvansResonatorLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0142Symbol of PeaceSpell : Chant - InstantLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0152Welvar GlennResonatorLight LNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0162Alfons AvclairResonatorFire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0172Amy AppleResonatorFire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0182BombardmentSpell : Chant - InstantFire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0192Fire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0202Fire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0212Fire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0222Fire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0232GusurgResonatorFire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0242Fire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0252Fire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0262Fire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0272Leila PeronResonatorFire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0282Fire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0292Riela Marcellis Ruler Fire FRare
VIN002-0302Riela's LanceAddition : J/ResonatorFire FNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0311Alicia Melchiott Ruler Water WaRare
VIN002-0322Alicia's LanceAddition : J/ResonatorWater WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0332Brigette "Rosie" StarkResonatorWater WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0342Water WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0352Water WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0362Water WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0372Isara GuntherResonatorWater WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0382Water WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0392Water WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0402Water WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0412Water WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0422Water WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0432The Carefree ThreeSpell : ChantWater WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0442Welkin GuntherResonatorWater WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0452ZakaResonatorWater WaNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0462Alexis HildenResonatorWind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0471Aliasse Ruler Wind WiRare
VIN002-0482Aliasse's LanceAddition : J/ResonatorWind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0492Wind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0502Wind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0512Wind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0522Wind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0532Destructive AssultSpell : ChantWind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0542Wind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0552Lavinia LaneResonatorWind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0562Wind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0572Marion SiegbahnResonatorWind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0582Wind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0592Wind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0602ZeriResonatorWind WiNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0612Darkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0622Darkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0632Berthold GregorResonatorDarkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0642Darkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0652Darkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0662Darkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0672Hammer of the ValkyrurSpell : Chant - InstantDarkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0682Darkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0692MaximilianResonatorDarkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0702Radi IaegerResonatorDarkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0712Ragnide GasSpell : Chant - InstantDarkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0722Darkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0731Selvaria Bles Ruler Darkness DRare
VIN002-0742Selvaria's LanceAddition : J/ResonatorDarkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0752Darkness DNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0762Class G's TankRegaliaVoid VoidNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0772EdelweissRegaliaVoid VoidNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0782Imperial TankRegaliaVoid VoidNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0792Nameless TankRegaliaVoid VoidNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0802RagniteRegaliaVoid VoidNo Rarity / Super Rare
VIN002-0xx2Magic Stone of Black SilenceSpecial Magic StoneWind Wi / DarknessDNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx2Magic Stone of Blasting WavesSpecial Magic StoneWind Wi / Fire FNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx2Magic Stone of Dark DepthSpecial Magic StoneDarkness D /Water WaNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx2Magic Stone of Deep WoodSpecial Magic StoneWind Wi / Water WaNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx2Magic Stone of Gusting SkiesSpecial Magic StoneLight L / Wind WiNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx2Magic Stone of Hearth's CoreSpecial Magic StoneFire F / Water WaNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx2Magic Stone of Heat RaySpecial Magic StoneLight L / Fire FNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx2Magic Stone of Heaven's RiftSpecial Magic StoneLight L / Darkness DNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx2Magic Stone of Light VaporsSpecial Magic StoneLight L / Water WaNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx2Magic Stone of Scorched BalesSpecial Magic StoneDarkness D / Fire FNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx8Darkness Magic StoneMagic StoneDarkness DNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx8Fire Magic StoneMagic StoneFire FNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx8Light Magic StoneMagic StoneLight LNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx8Water Magic StoneMagic StoneWater WaNo Rarity
VIN002-0xx8Wind Magic StoneMagic StoneWind WiNo Rarity