Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lords of War at CONQUEST

CONQUEST 2014 has created a new Lords of War command star owner after a 3 round contest the final score were ...


Lisa will receive an additional 25 points for winning the tournament and all the players have now been added to our Roll of Honour for 2014 which can be seen on our website ..

Monday, 29 September 2014

Polar Panic

Lily (my daughter) and I spent some time at CONQUEST on Saturday demonstrating the game we are working on with Nick from Black Box Games called 'Polar Panic' and we would love to get some feedback.

If you played on Saturday or if you have played at any point before that and would be willing to spend a couple of minutes to write a comment and let us know what you think then we would be really grateful.

We are hoping to kickstart it in January next year and we already have some ideas for spin offs and expansions which we are keen to start testing. It would be good to know whether it is something that you might consider on kickstarter or that you might think about buying.

If you have not played then let me know and I will arrange a demo in the near future. I will be bringing it along to this Tuesdays KD Games so if your interested please let me know.

I would also like to say thank you to anyone that had a demo from Lily as she really loved showing people how to play.

Friday, 26 September 2014


So tomorrow (Saturday) KD Games is heading off to CONQUEST at Hove Town Hall for what will be the start of a great weekend of gaming.

If you want to know more about the event then have a look at the website : http://gambitgames.co.uk/

We will be selling our products as normal as well as demoing our new game Polar Panic which we have been working on with Black Box Games in Worthing.

Admission to the event on the day will be £10 and £5 for children under 16.

We will also be running an MTG tournament at 2pm which will cost an extra £2.50 and you will need a standard deck to be able to play. The top 8 players will all get prizes which will be from the new set Khans of Tarkir. For more details of the tournament have a look at : http://gambitgamesconquest.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/mtg-tournament.html

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The New Event Deck

The new event deck for Khans of Tarkir is a warrior-based white-black deck that attacks hard and fast, outfitting the warrior clans of Tarkir with some of the most punishing weapons of Theros.
Khans of Tarkir is released this Friday so will be on sale at this weeks FNM ready for launch party and at this weekends CONQUEST and GAMBIT SUNDAY.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Do you play EDH?

Over the last few weeks we have been discussing the possibility of running an EDH league. It all started when Steve saw a points format at Shrunken Terra in Burgess Hill.

Following that initial interest we have been talking with Jake and Brett and hope to be arranging a joint league in the very near future. If you intersted in knowing more then we will hopefully get the basics sorted out in the evening at CONQUEST and then be in a position to post some more details next week, so I guess as they say watch this space.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Khans of Tarkir Fat Pack

Fat Packs for the new MTG set Khans of Tarkir will be in this Friday. I do not have many so if you want one you need to left know soon if you have not already done so that is.
They will go up on the website today but will not ship until Friday. The cost of these will be just £30

Monday, 22 September 2014

Junior Prerelease Event

On Sunday we tried a new prerelease format which was designed with the younger plays in mind. Instead of the usual high price 6 booster sealed event which costs £23 we held a much smaller 2 pack sealed event with the more accessible price of £6.

This went really well, each player got two brand new boosters and the chance to experience a sealed event. Well doe to Alex for winning who went away with a further two boosters and Tom who got one for coming second.

It was successful enough that we will be running this format for all future releases - so watch this space in January.

Buy a Box - Preorders

From today you can preorder a box of the MTG set ...

A box will consist of 36 boosters from this great new set and you will also receive in addition a special foil promotion card. The boxes will be available for delivery from Friday or to pick up at KD Magic Night which will be at the Royal George as usual. If you would prefer to pay on the day that is fine but I can only guarantee that pre-paid orders will be available on the day of release.

Boxes will cost £89 and will be on the website from today.

Khans of Tarkir promo - Launch, Game Day, Buy-a-box - The Bag Of Loot

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The New Sarkhan

So this is without doubt my favourite card of this set. A planeswalker that turns into a dragon - what more could you want?

It doesn’t take long for someone to look at Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker and realize it’s a pretty powerful card. It’s sort of a cross between Koth of the Hammer and Gideon Jura really.

+1: Until end of turn, Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker becomes a legendary 4/4 red Dragon creature with flying, indestructible, and haste. (He doesn't lose loyalty while he's not a planeswalker.)
Sarkhan is a Planeswalker that will live or die by his first ability. At first glance, you’re paying 3RR for a 4/4 flier with haste, which is a little below market value. Then, it has some downsides; it can’t block, for one, and it can be attacked, whereas a normal creature wouldn’t be able to. Then, finally, it has upsides; it can’t be killed by normal removal spells, it can’t be Wrathed, it has one extra toughness, kind of (it can’t be killed by Stoke the Flames, for example), and it has some other abilities you might use. 

-3: Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker deals 4 damage to target creature.
In a game that only has one creature, Sarkhan removes that creature and leaves a very credible threat behindone that has to be removed, even though it only has 1 counter left. The fact that its threat ability is the plus ability and not the minus means that it stays a relevant threat regardless of how many counters are on it. This makes Sarkhan a very versatile cardit can burst them down when they are low or when they have nothing, and it can remove a blocker or an attacker for basically no cost.

-6: You get an emblem with "At the beginning of your draw step, draw two additional cards" and "At the beginning of your end step, discard your hand."
For me this is not going to see as much play as the other two abilities and in many mays is not as good. I can see some examples of when this will be great but for me not every time.

I definately want a play set and it has a space in standard straight away - this is definately the card I am looking for but what are your opinions?

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The New Planeswalkers - Sorin, Solemn Visitor

Two planeswalkers in the new block and to me they are both pretty cool, two of my favourite MTG characters, with great new art and some really interesting new abilities. Tomorrow I will have a look at what is probably my favorite card of the set, but first lets have a look at...
First impression, its very similar to the last Sorin, except for the last ability which is a new direction. So lets have a look at the three abilities in a bit more detail...

The +1:

Sorin’s new +1 is similar to his old -2 from Lord of Innistrad, but instead of giving a constant emblem it only lasts for one turn and also adds in lifelink. This means you can’t add up a bunch of emblems to super pump your creatures, but the lifelink helps to turn that around. 

The -2:

This time, instead of getting a 1/1 lifelink vampire you get a 2/2 flying one. Personall I prefer this as the evasion should mean more damage to the opponent, as well as offering some protection in the form of a blocker if needed. Losing lifelink is not a major downside as the first ability give it to all creatures for one turn.

The -6:

Forcing your opponents to sacrifice a creature during each upkeep is a pretty powerful ability, but it’s usefulness in standard really depends on how powerful token strategies are. If token swarms do well in the upcoming standard then Sorin’s -6 gets worse, but if it tends to be more about big creatures, then it gets a lot better.
Is this card better than the previous Sorin, at this point I am unsure it will depend a lot on what else is coming in the two remaining sets, it is certainly very interesting and whilst not producing the everlasting and stackable emblems that enable you to overrun your opponent it should find its was in to standard and maybe marks the return of token decks.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Game of Thrones

Do you like Games of Thrones, the answer is probably yes and if your someone that also loves card games then what about trying the living card game?

Having seen it played in Germany at the German Masters it looks like a very interesting game. I am currently considering ordering some of the core set and arranging a few events. I would like to know however what the interest would be in this game, because although I may like it does not neccessarily mean that every one else will. I am hoping for a minimum of four players as that should be enough to get things started.

Incase you have not come accross it before, here is the tutorial video for Fantasy Flight ...

Let me know if anyone is interested and we will see what we can get started.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Young Guns MTG Tournament

This week at Young Guns which is held at the Royal George between 4pm and 7pm we will be running a small MTG event.

It will last for 3 rounds and each player must have a minimum 60 card deck. It does not matter which set the cards are from and it is open to any regular players in the club (under 16)

Each round players will be matched against there opponents by the computer and they will get 30 minutes to play the best of 3 games. At the end of the time there will be 5 extra turns in which to finish the game. If a game is unfinished then it is a drawn game the result of the match would depend on any other games played.

If we have an odd number of players then one player will get a bye of each round which will get them 3 points as if they had won a match.

Each player will earn 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw. At the end of the third round there should be a winner who will get a MTG booster and a promo card as a prize. The scores will be checked and rankings announced in between each round.

If you want to play in the event you need to be at the venue by 4:15pm to register. Each player will need a DCI number (if you don't have one we can create one for you).

Friday, 12 September 2014

Saturday's Prerelease Info

I have now booked a new location for the Saturday Prerelease for the new MTG set ...

Unfortunately the Royal George was booked so instead I will be holidng it at the Shoreham Centre on Pnd Road for 11am through to 3pm. The entry price is the same at £23 and the initial ticket alloaction is for up to 20 players. I will post more details about which room we will be in a how to get there the week before the event. If you want a place then tickets will be on sale from tonight's KD Magic Night and online very soon.

Remember if you want to come to this event then you will need to buy a ticket as soon as you can to avoid dissappointment.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Vanguard Sneak Peak

This Friday at the RoyalGeorge on the Holmbush roundabout in Shoreham we will be holding a sneak peak event for :

Cardfight Vanguard Infinite Rebirth

A facebook event has been created so please confirm you attendance! If you are not on the list and want to be then simply comment on this post and I will get you invited!

The registration for the event will open at 6:30pm and I hope to get things started by 7:00pm at the latest!

The cost will be £17 as normal and for those who have not been before the format will be as follows....

Players will use he six boosters to 'draft' a deck to play in three rounds of a 'swiss' tournament o find the sneak peak champion!

What is Booster Draft Booster Draft?

Booster Draft is a method of play which involves purchasing, opening and building a deck straight away for a game!

Fighters open the packs and choose a card he or she would like to use in a predetermined order (this is known as a “draft”), and decks are built right there and then!

With this unique style, fighters get to experience the thrill of selecting cards, and the joy of playing with a different deck every time!

How to do a Draft?

1. Decide on the seating arrangement around the table with a random method.

2. Each person will open one pack, and check the cards inside that pack.

3. Choose a card and place it face down in front of you. (On you first pick for a pack you will take a trigger unit and one other card) Fighters may not peek at the face down cards.

4. Once everyone has chosen their cards, all fighters will pass the rest of the cards in hand to the person on the left, in a clockwise direction.

5. With the cards received from the fighter on the right, choose a card and place it face down. Once everyone is done, pass the rest of the cards in hand to the left again. Repeat until all the cards have been taken.

6. Between the third and fourth pack, you may check your own face down cards.

Starting from the fourth pack, pass the cards in hand to the person on your

7. Once all 6 packs have been opened and passed around, the draft ends. The fight will now begin with the 30 cards chosen and formed as a deck!

Deck building
1. The 30 chosen cards becomes your deck.

2. The rules which restrict only 4 of the same card, as well as only 4 heal triggers in a deck do not apply here.

Game conditions
The basic rules of Cardfight!! Vanguard can be found here:


The rules of a normal cardfight apply, but with the addition of a special rule:

“During a trigger check, if a vanguard or rear-guard of the same clan as the trigger unit is not present on the field, the trigger effects will still activate.”

Therefore, please ignore the clans of the trigger units when choosing cards to build your deck

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Speed vs Cunning

Shrieking Hordes Confront Tactical Masters Racing across the blazing steppe, the wave of attackers crests the barren hills. Nothing can stop their reckless advance. These warriors live fast, fight hard, and strike terror into the hearts of those in their path. The scarred countryside seems abandoned. Then, suddenly, hidden fighters spring from ambush. The overconfident enemy recoils in surprise, outflanked and outsmarted. Who will prevail, the swift or the sly?

These decks will be in on Friday (at KD Magic Night) but I have only ordered a few so if you want one please let me know as soon as you can.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Warhammer Conquest

Coming soon from Fantasy Flight is Warhammer Conquest. I have requested a demo copy of this game and will post more details when I have some dates, but it does look very interesting...

Warhammer 40,000: Conquest is a two-player Living Card Game® of interplanetary warfare in the gritty futuristic setting of Warhammer 40,000. By hurling you into a life-and-death combat for the Traxis sector, Warhammer 40,000: Conquest forces you to secure your hold over the sector’s key planets. You must balance the concerns of present battles and future conquests as your warlord leads your armies to glorious victory. To claim the Traxis sector, you must conquer or die.

In the game, each player controls one warlord and his armies as you engage in interplanetary warfare. Warhammer 40,000: Conquest introduces seven distinct factions: Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Orks, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Eldar, and Tau. Each of these factions possesses a unique flavor and style of play, and an alignment wheel introduces the possibility of forming an alliance between two factions.

Warhammer 40,000: Conquest includes:
over two-hundred player cards split across seven factions
10 planet cards
40 token cards
64 tokens for tracking damage, resources, and more
two servo-skull command dials

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Khans of Tarkir

We will be holding three prerelease events for the new MTG set Khans of Tarkir. I am still trying to sort out details for two of the events, so at this point can not confirm location or times of the Saturday event. The Sunday event will be at 11:00am and held in the function room at the Royal George on the Holmbush roundabout. Entrance fee for this event will be £23 and there will be a limited amount of spaces.

I will try and post details of the other two events as soon as I can, but in the mean time here is the trailer for what is looking like a really great set ...

Friday, 5 September 2014

What comes after 7?

As some of you will be aware I used to have a shop, in fact at one point I had two. We opened number 79 Boundary Road on 7/7/7 and then moved to number 57 High Street in Shoreham three years later. As you can see quite a lot of 7's. Unfortunately I had to close the shop in November last year so clearly 7 is not my lucky number.

So what about I give number 8 ago? Well the garage fom which I have been running the events at the Royal George is number 8 and the events seem to be going pretty well so I think its time to return to the high street...

From week commencing the 8th September we will be trading from number 8 Tarmount Lane in Shoreham.

Before I go any further there are a few things I need to clarify...

Firstly, number 8 is nothing like our other shops.

  • We will be trading under the name of KD Games
  • We will only be selling gaming products (our toys ranges will stay in Tarmount Studio with is very close by)
  • We only have a small space - and I mean really small!
  • We will only be open for a few days a week (more details on opening hours next week)
  • We do not have a playing space.
  • We will still be running FNM events and Tuesday Nights at the Royal George

Although I am not opening until next week, I will be in the shop tomorrow (Saturday) from 2pm to price up the stock - so if your passing please pop in and have a look.

September's Magic Night's

KD Magic Nights

As normal all KD Magic Nights will be held at the Royal George on the Holmbush Roundabout and will start at 7pm. The venue will open between 5pm and 7pm each week to allow players to trade, have some casual games or test their decks for the evening.

We will try and get 4 swiss rounds of 40 minutes each week after which the top two players will get prizes.

Here is the proposed schedule of events for this month, in addition to these there will be draft events being held on Tuesday Night, more details to follow soon.


Friday 5th September ...... Standard 7pm £3
Friday 12th September ...... Standard 7pm £3
Friday 19th September ...... Modern 7pm £3
Friday 26th September ...... Standard 7pm £3

All events will be confirmed in the days proceeding it when the facebook event is created. If you are not getting invites to these events and would like to the please let me know.