Friday, 8 January 2016

End of Year Vanguard Tournament

Tonight at the Royal British Legion our top scoring Cardfight Vanguard players competed to see who would be our 2015 League Champion.

15 of the 20 who qualified manage to attend and after 4 rounds of best of one game the standings were...

15th Jacob
14th Ben
13th Scott R
12th Kat
11th Ben P
10th Scott P
9th Zee
8th Callum
7th Ryan
6th Warwick
5th Dan

The top four made it to the play off, which were Steve, Jason, Alec and Kyle. These matches were 40 minute rounds which were best of three games. Jason then beat Steve and Alec lost to Kyle which made our final Kyle vs Jason.

Congratulations to all of the players for qualifying for the final and especially to ...

our eventual winner and 2015 League Champion!

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