Friday, 11 November 2016

Time for the SHOWDOWN!

In less than 3 weeks, we will be starting what’s called Standard Showdown! Every Saturday from November 26th – December 17th, we will be hosting a Standard Showdown event at the Shop in Tarmount Lane. Each event will be £3 to enter and you get a booster pack on entry. But here’s the cool part!…

At every event, we have some special Standard Showdown booster packs to give out. Each of these packs will contain 3 cards:
2 will be rares or mythic rares.
The third will a foil card of any rarity OR a Kaladesh Masterpiece (with a 1 in 33 chance)! All cards will be from one of the 5 Standard legal sets.

Naturally, there will also be additional Kaladesh booster prizes for finishing as the winner. The special boosters will be handed out for going undefeated, coming to more than 1 event, Play of the Round and whatever other reason I can think of!

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