Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Doctor Strange - Dice Masters

So with there being a little bit of Dice Masters planned for this evening, I have turned my eye to a new team. So what shall I build?

I finally decided to have a look at the Doctor Strange Team Pack and see if that would make a good starting point. First look and its a pretty standard from the pack selection of cards, however there are a few cards that definitely make this a worthwhile purchase, and a couple that could possibly see competitive play.

First the new  Affiliations

This is not actually new as it was introduced in the DC Green Arrow and The Flash set  but as I have not open any of those yet it is new to me. 

Now the important bit the cards...

All of the Ancient One’s cards do something in regards to other Mystics, whether it’s your opponent’s or your own. Of the three, The Original Sorcerer Supreme is the best of them. He’s still really pricey, but his ability is good if you’re running primarily Mystics. I

Clea is a pretty high priced card and although a 7/7 is unlikely to make it in to my final team.

Doctor Strange has got great stats and okay fielding costs, but for him to mke the team I think I would have to use the first one and put in some useful action dice.

Burning Ambition is my favorite of the three Dormammu, but not entirely sure how I am going to use him.

This I really like and I think it with its lower cost is much more usable than some of the other cards so far.

Mindless Ones is a pretty solid card in all of its forms so its just a case of picking which one.

I love Scarlet Witch, I love the dice, the art and all of the cards. This is a definate.

Wong could possibly see some play outside of casual events. All of Wong’s cards have the Ally keyword, meaning they count as Sidekick dice while in the Field Zone. He’s got decent stats, great fielding costs, and the most expensive of the purchase costs is three. Expert of Kamar-Taj also has Fast which allows him to deal his combat damage first. Dedicated to the Ancient One has this interesting direct damage ability that you can use when he’s fielded. Faithful Servant has a static effect that buffs all other Sidekick dice while he’s active.

If you want to have a look at the dice, here they are. The best by far is Scarlet Witch in my opinion.

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