Friday, 25 November 2016

Black Friday Weekend

As most of you will know today is Black Friday so for this weekend only (Fri, Sat and Sun) we will be offering selected lines at a reduced price.

First up will be a box of Kaladesh Boosters (36 in total) will be reduced to just £78 which is cheaper than most online sellers but ours will come with two extras. Firstly you will get the buy-a-box promo card which is...
Image result for kaladesh booster box promo
Skyship Stalker
the second is a limited buy-a-box promo pack, which consists of three random cards, one of which is a rare and one which is a foil...

Image result for holiday buy a box booster
Example show is a Showdown, booster which is the same except
the buy-a-box one will say that instead of 'Standard Showdown"
There will also be other MTG related reductions, some of which are...

Kaladesh Planewalker Decks are now just £6
Shadows over Innistrad Gift boxes are just £14 
Shadows over Innistrad Fat Packs are just £24
2015 Commander Decks are just £10
MTG Nissa vs Ob Nixilus Dual Decks are just £10
Shadows over Innistrad booster boxes are just £65 and also come with a buy-a-box promo and special booster.
MTG Arena of the Planeswalkers is now only £20 and the expansion is just £12

This are limited offers, they will return to their normal prices on Monday and more importantly once they are gone they are gone!

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