Saturday, 11 June 2016

X-Wing Spring Kit Tournament

Next weekend it is Father's day, it is also our X-Wing Spring Kit Tournament at the 3rd Sea Scouts HQ in Shoreham by Sea.

This event is being run by Gambit Games and KD Games.

X-Wing challenges players to outmaneuver and outthink their opponent, and the Spring 2016 X-Wing Tournament Kit comes with prizes and limited edition materials...

The kit contains ...
  • One solid metal challenge coin for the winner. Show off your love for Star Wars™ during each match with this official challenge coin depicting the iconic X-Wing!
  • Eight sets of acrylic ion tokens. Point out the ships that have had the misfortune taking an ion blast with these flashy acrylic tokens.
  • Two copies of an alternate art IG-88C pilot card. Take evasive action with new art for one of the most popular iterations of the famed bounty hunter, IG-88.
  • Seventeen copies of an alternate art Veteran Instincts upgrade card. This popular card receives new art, allowing Rebel players to upgrade their squads.
If you want to join in then let us know or confirm your attendance on either Facebook or Eventbrite.

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