Friday, 3 June 2016

Kickstarter - Oligarchy


Oligarchy™ is a card game based in a dystopian near future.
You will play the role of a powerful Oligarch. Cunningly use the resources, items, and personnel at your disposal to crush your opposition! Set your allegiance to one or more of the 8 powerful factions and experience the reality of power struggles, hideous comebacks, desperation moves and GLORIOUS VICTORY!
The world of Oligarchy™ is tough and brutal; with many different card types including, characters, scenarios, incidents, items, professions, and resources; the possibilities are almost endless!
Will you be the lone survivor or a footnote in history? Let the games begin!



Oligarchy™ is a game for 2+ players.  For each additional player you should add 20 minutes to the game time, so a 4 player game would likely take just over an hour.   The game is played like many trading card games with each player taking their turn, deploying their cards and trying to take down their enemies by various means.
In Oligarchy™ you choose to align 12 points of 'Power base' to one or more factions.  Cards will have faction requirements on them to show you their allegiance, this helps your decision making when preparing your decks for battle.  Rarer cards sometimes have no faction requirement so you can play them in any deck you make. 
Cards are played by spending your amassed Affluence and Influence points.  A card's cost is found in the bottom purple and blue circles.  All Power, Affluence, and Influence points are tracked with the supplied spinners to keep your game tidy and fun.
The game is played with a simple turn structure detailed here:

Let's look at an example game layout.  You might choose to start the game and masquerade as a corrupt politician with 6 points of Power in the Government faction and 6 in the Crime faction (Player 1).  Your opponent may have chosen to moonlight as a TV evangelist type with Religious and Media Power base (Player 2).  The narrative gives the game its gritty charm so have fun with the stories you create.  After the game gets underway a play example might look like this:

More information and videos on gameplay can be accessed via our

If you think this is something that you would be interested in then please have a look at the kickstarter...

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