Friday, 10 June 2016

Traitor Rules for Stak Bots

With the new expansion of Stak Bots due out in a few months, it seemed like a good time to revisit and old favourite.

Here is a new variation of the traditional game of Stak Bots from creator Tom Norfolk...

Traitors Variation Rules
- Setup: 9 in each player's Stak, 3 in hand

- Draw 1 card at the start of each turn

- You CANNOT scrap/discard cards directly from your hand as an action

- You CANNOT play cards as an action onto your own Stak (however doing so as a result of an entry effect, eg. Callout Bot is allowed)

- You CAN (and must) play cards onto your opponents' Staks instead

- You CANNOT end your turn with more than 3 cards in hand.

- Attacking and scrapping from the top of your Stak is done as normal.

What does this create? A weird mode, where you are forced to play your hand onto your opponents' Staks during your turn. When you choose to do so and what you choose to get rid of is crucial and it gives a very different way of thinking to the game. It also completely changes the usual applications of some cards; for example turning up a Bountiful Bot on your Stak and drawing an extra card becomes a curse. You also have to predict more what other players are likely to do with entry effects you give them and play cards accordingly to force their hand... well, your hand. Wait... whose card was that?!

Worth a go I think, fancy a game on Tuesday?

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