Saturday, 11 June 2016

Cardfight Vanguard Store Circuit Championship 2016

On Sunday 29th May 2016 we held our very first Cardfight Vanguard Store Circuit Championship Event. The winner of which will get a 3 round bye for the next stage of the championship.

We had 20 fighters eager to named our store champion and after 5 rounds of swiss here were the final standings (from 20-9) ...

20th Dannie Macilvride
19th David King
18th Richard Storey
17th Ben Turner
16th Scott Rose
15th Ryan Northcott
14th Kat Greenaway
13th Steve Thorpe
12th Jonnie Wong
11th Dan Thorpe
10th Dahvie 'Scissorhands'
9th Michael Moore 

Our top 8 all got a deck box and went on to play in the quarter finals. The line up was ...

Callum Headley vs Luke White
Jason Rose vs Josh "Zee" Donaldson

Scott Putman vs Ben Pollard
Zak Maydon vs Warwick Dungey

After some intense games we were left with just 4 player in our semi final matches ...

Callum Headley vs Warwick Dungey
Jason Rose vs Scott Putman

Finally there can be only one and that would be one of our two finalists ...

Callum Headley vs Jason Rose

THANK YOU to everyone that played and CONGRATULATIONS TO Callum Headley our very first Store Circuit Champion and good luck in the next round!

Our KD Games 2016 'Store Circuit' CHAMPION

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