Saturday, 31 December 2016

Cardfight Vanguard - End of Year Tournament

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On Sunday 8th January we will be holding our Cardfight Vanguard End of Year Invitational, which is top to the top 20 players of 2016.

Jason Rose ends the year as our top player winning 21 events and scoring on average an impressive 10.63 points.

After 63 events and 62 players throughout the year the final standing are...

1 Jason Rose
2 Callum Headley
3 Steve T
4 Zee
5 Dan T
6 Scott Putman
7 Scott Rose
8 Jonnie Wong
9 Kat Greenaway
10 Ryan Northcott
11 Jacob Garner
12 Luke White
13 Dahvie Sissorhands
14 Michael Moore
15 Mickel Brady
16 Ben Pollard
17 Zak Maydon
18 Ben Turner
19 Harry Barham
20 Kyle Best

The event will cost £2 to enter and will start at 6pm. A Facebook event will be created and everyone of the top 20 will be invited. Please confirm your attendance as soon as you can as if the amount of players drops below 16 we will invite players that have finished low on the rankings.

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