Saturday, 3 September 2016


After three events the final score for the event was ...

1) Brendan Hay-Ellis: Win-Win-Win (365 Fleet Points)
2) Chris Braz: Win-Loss-Win (341 Fleet Points)
3) Peter Knapp: Loss-Win-Win (270 Fleet Points
4) Ash Hay-Ellis: Loss-Win-Loss (201 Fleet Points)
5) Rob Garcia-Palmer: Win-Loss-Loss (145 Fleet Points)
6) Will Page: Loss-Loss-Loss (106 Fleet Points)

There was a general sentiment that the difference between drawing the Bajoran Interceptor blind (2 attack, 3 total HP) and Bioship blind (6 attack, 11 total HP) was a little extreme! Ash still managed to come 4th with the Interceptor draw... The Bioship draw fleet ranked first - did that influence the outcome?!

We all had a good time, interesting to see the winning fleet used two old TOS Constitution class ships (with fighter support), Rob once again played a joke fleet: the Ferengi! Fun, but lacking some punch. I gave a trick fleet to Will and seeing it was his 2nd time playing wasn't able to fully utilise it (and had to leave early)...

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