Saturday, 3 September 2016


A few weeks back we got copies of the new love letter game ARCHER...

Archer: Once You Go Blackmail... takes the engine at the heart of Love Letter and adds intrigue, vice, and phrasing as well as new card effects.

In short, each player starts the game with one character card in hand; one character is set aside out of play. On a turn, a player draws one card, then plays one of their two cards, carrying out the effect of their character. Try to knock others out of the round or have the highest number in hand when the round ends. Win enough rounds, and you win the game.

This version of the game includes cards that interact with the hidden card and changes the game a little.

Here are the new cards, including those with new rules...

I think it looks pretty cool. I have a demo copy for anyone that fancies a game.

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