Friday, 6 May 2016

Wizkids League

This weekend it is Wizkids League from 12:30pm and we will have this great OP figure to give to the days winner...

At 50 points, this figure represents the more ethereal side of Professor X as he takes to the battlefield in astral projection form! This clear-sculpted take on Professor X is meant for harassing your opponent and disrupting whatever plans they may have had, turning them to your advantage. His trait, Let Me Help You Clear Your Head states that adjacent opposing characters can’t use the EFFECT of equipped items; this includes any equipped Relic or Possession figures like Malice or Proteus (who are both in the Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men set)! Keeping in the “spirit” of his astral form, he begins with the movement special You Think You’re Really Here? that lets him use Phasing/Teleport and Mind Control without taking any feedback damage. Early dial this is his only offensive capability, as he has 0 damage despite having a 7 square range value. On his next two clicks he gains more utility, being able to cancel an opposing character’s powers or abilities with Outwit. Later on he loses his ability to phase about but gains regular Mind Control and Incapacitate. Rounding out his powers, he starts with Super Sense and a high defense value, though as he loses the concentration to evade attacks he picks up Shape Change and Willpower.

At 50 points he fits conveniently on nearly any team with his fellow X-Men to make use of their Team Ability and even meshes well with any figure that shares his Illuminati, New Mutants, or X-Men keywords. This is a thinking-player’s piece. He may not have many obvious offensive options, but your opponent won’t be able to ignore the ghostly spectre of Professor X on your side of the table!

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