Saturday, 28 May 2016

Fast and Furious

The engines are revving and Fast & Furious: Full Throttle is about to tear away from the start line.  Before it does, we are sounding the call for folks who want to get a great deal on reserving the game in advance, and being one of the first people in the world to get the game! 

Fast & Furious: Full Throttle is a board game that begins with players choosing their own course to race through the streets of the game board, by placing the Start and Finish cards and tracing a path between them. Any course that the players choose will hold its own challenges and dictate how many Upgrades players can add to their cars.
Players then set up their street cars by assigning Upgrade tokens to a variety of slots on their Driver Consoles. Each of the nine different Upgrades allows a special move to be chosen during the game, such as the Upgrades Aerodynamics, that permits a car token to move diagonally; and Nitrous, that allows a card to move an extra 1 to 6 spaces.
Once the players have set up their street cars, they move their car token to the Start line and draw a hand of Gear Cards. It is by playing these cards, and flipping an equal number from the deck, that the players move their car tokens along the spaces on the game board towards the Finish line. Gear Cards can be played in sets for a better chance of moving the perfect distance, or played singularly with more risk of flipping a card that results in a spin out or incurring a speed penalty. All the while players are jostling for position and choosing when to use their street car's upgrades and make their move. 
Optional Driver cards add a special rule and extra personality to each player's driving.
  • Simple yet challenging card-driven play.
  • A double-sided game board where you set the courses and race along whatever streets you dare.
  • You decide the length of the game. Upgrade your car to your own personal preferences, with 9 different ways to soup up your ride.
  • Play as one of 12 characters from the movies.
Read through the rules and what to see it all in action? Check out the rules rundown presented by Michael Fox from The Little Metal Dog Show, right here!

A Note to Parents: Fast & Furious is rated PG-13. 

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