Friday, 20 May 2016


UberStax is an injection molded (prototypes were 3D printed) Universal Game Piece Holder, with a difference. With ease, you can fit the UberStax racks together to build the size and orientation needed for the game pieces in play.

Pieces are molded with pins and grooves to allow Stax to be built up taller and wider than a single rack providing ample space for cards, tiles, tokens or anything else you can make fit (Smartphone? Tablet? Score sheet?).

For small games, use just 2 plates to build a single plate rack. 3 plates, allow you to go two wide, and 6 plates to go two wide and two high.

There are countless ways to configure UberStax pieces. They can be built horizontally and stacked vertically to accomodate any gameplay scenario or purpose. The more pieces you have, the more elaborate your configurations can be. It all starts with a strong base, which needs to expand to provide stability as more pieces are added to the configuration.

These should be with us next week but are likely to be quite popular, so if you want any please ask soon!

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