Sunday, 29 November 2015

D&D Attack Wing

It's been a while since I played a game of D&D Attack Wing and it was really nice to get a game in today at Gambit Sunday. It was even better to play a larger scale game than previous. This time we played 200 points which is a pretty good game size.

Nick went for a force made up of a few enhanced characters where as I preferred to go for strength in numbers rather than abilities. Initially this strategy did not pay off for me but fortunately it performed better in the later turns. Eventually I won with just on character remaining and he was on one wound.

From my point of view there were two successes in my list first was the Half Black Dragon at 13 points. With 4 health points these proved quite hard to kill and upgrading one so that it could shot made them fairly effective. The other and probably the star of the game was the young blue dragon. Although not as strong as the adult dragons it was obviously less points but it was also bit harder to hit and more maneuverable.

Time to fine tune the list I think! I really look forward to the next game.

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