Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Cosmic Run

Cosmic Run is a fast-paced, dice-rolling, space race set in the year 2123. Earth has become inhospitable to life and humanity has spread throughout the universe in a quest to find a new home. Each surviving human colony will form exploration teams to different planets to gain advantages for their faction. These teams, however, are not just in a race with each other. Meteors, which strike the planets randomly, could destroy them. Will your teams be able to discover the planets, set up colonies, and erect a meteor defense system in time?

The game consists of 5 Planet Tracks. At the bottom of each track is a space base where players start a race to the planet. Players roll and place dice at the different tracks, each of which has a specific dice requirement to advance on. Alternatively, players can use dice to recruit aliens, who provide special powers and victory points. Also, during the game, meteors hit planets. If a planet suffers a 3rd meteor strike, it is destroyed and players win or lose points based upon their progress on the tracks.

This game has just finished on kickstarter and is now ready for retail production. Due in stock later this week this looks like it might be a great little game. Here is a review of the game showing hpw it plays, but please bear in mind that this was made before the game was finished...

There are several different ways of playing this game which include solo play, escalation and cooperative so it should suit a variety of players.

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