Friday, 9 October 2015

Lone Wolf - Releasing October 2015

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game: introducing a new generation to the tabletop roleplaying hobby. It’s a game that you can hand to new gamers interested in roleplaying games and they can quickly teach themselves how to play. The game is playable right out of the box - a new group can sit down, open the box and be playing right away without any expert help. It’s built as the ideal introduction for a new group to buy, as a gift from an older gamer to a younger relative or friend, or as the perfect tool for more established gamers to use to teach a new generation.

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game is not only for beginners: The game builds in complexity from simple beginnings to a fully fledged roleplaying game just as suitable for the veteran roleplayer.

It’s not a demo set. It’s not a hobbled version of another game. It’s the full roleplaying game experience presented in an accessible and easy to learn format.

· Playable right out of the box – No waiting to play, just gather your new group and crack the box open
· Designed to be easy to learn for young players and novices.
· Low price point – the boxed set is just £20 for a complete roleplaying game.
· All the amazing production quality you’d expect from Cubicle 7.
· Great for existing gamers too – the game includes a wealth of advanced options that can be employed right from the start.
· Perfect first roleplaying game, perfect gift for the younger gamer.
· Based on the best-selling Lone Wolf game books by Joe Dever.
· Complete game – everything needed to play.

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