Friday, 9 October 2015

Game of Thrones LCG Second Edition

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”
–George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

The world of Westeros is wracked with war, intrigue, and strife. The Great Houses muster armies and meet in titanic battles, while their assassins and spies struggle in the shadows. Across the Narrow Sea, the first dragons in years have awoken, while in the barren lands beyond the Wall, a nameless threat is stirring, eager to crush the world with freezing cold and endless night. Westeros is unforgiving of mistakes, and in the end, only one game truly matters: the game of thrones!

This came in on Tuesday and is a game I am really excited about. I have wanted to play for a long time but missed it the first time around so decided to wait for the second edition. We it is now time for me to learn to play, so to help me and hopefully you as well here is the Fantasy Flight tutorial video...

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