Thursday, 4 June 2015

KD Games at Geek Central

This weekend it is Geek Central in Brighton and KD Games will again be there to run some MTG events. This time as we have just had the release of Modern Masters it seems the obvious opportunity to run a couple of drafts for up to 8 players (we can run a maximum of 4 events in this format)

The cost for the draft will be £25 (we will be offering Dragons of Tarkir Prize boosters for this event to keep the entry costs down)

Each draft event will consist of three rounds of best of three games, with each round lasting 40 minutes the draft event should take no more than three hours giving you plenty of time to look around the rest of Geek Central.

If Modern Master draft is not your thing we will again be running EDH games if there is space. Entry cost for this and the structure will depend on the amount of interest.

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