Friday, 24 April 2015

FNM Promo Cards

Here is a quick look at the next few FNM promo cards...

First comes Abzan Beastmaster, a peculiar Hound Shaman who wants to grant all your card-drawing wishes…so long as he can bring his bigger buddies along. If you like big creatures and you like drawing cards, Abzan Beastmaster will be your friend, too—especially if you do well in a May FNM.

It's warm outside, but it's getting frosty at Friday Night Magic as Frost Walker, a tragically terrifying 4/1 Elemental, comes bounding along in June.

Your eyes do not deceive you. Participate in an FNM in July and you might just walk away with one of the best removal spells ever printed. Path to Exile is a near-universal staple in Modern, and July will grant you an opportunity to stand out further from the pack with this new version, now featuring art from Raf Sarmento. In celebration of Modern Masters 2015 Edition, both July and August FNM promos will be Modern staples. What will August’s be? I will let you know as soon as I find out.

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