Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Dice Masters Tournament

So Easter has been and gone and I hope to put some plans together for some events on Tuesdays as part of KD Games Night. To get things started this week we will be doing a Dice Masters tournament.

There will be no additional charge for this event other than the usual entrance fee and each player will need to bring there own team including basic dice. I have got a couple of extra teams available for anyone that wants to play but you will need to ask me as soon as possible.

Each player will need team of up to 8 characters, 20 dice and 2 basic actions. There is no restriction to what set these can come from, you are free to use Marvel, Yu Gi Oh and D&D or a combination of all three.

The event will get started at 7pm and the number of rounds will depend on the amount of players.

There will be particiapation cards for all players as well as prize cards for the top players and an additional card for the winner.

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