Thursday, 5 March 2015

MTG Prerelease Dragonfury

There's something a little special—and a lot dragon-y—coming to the Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease.

We're doing something we've never done before. You're going to get to harness the power of a dragon and actually knock over those puny humanoids on the ground.

Are you ready? Introducing: Tarkir Dragonfury!

The board is a Tarkir landscape, and it's filled with pieces for you to knock down! It's up to you to deal with as many as possible.

Here's how it works.

Inside each Prerelease box is a special spindown life counter, themed to the dragon lord you chose.

This represents your breath weapon. Now, it's time to put your breath weapon to use!

You'll get to go up to this board and assess it. Try and figure out the best angle of attack. And then, you roll your special spindown "breath weapon" and try and knock down as many as pieces as possible!

Each piece has a point value on it. You get points equal to the total number you knock down.

But there's also a little bonus. See that circle in the top-middle? If your die ends up in there, you'll double your score! If you can aim just right, you'll rack up a massive score.

Looks like it's time to break out the rulers and talk to your friends who are good at physics to figure out the best way to try and roll at this!

But, of course, not all of us have that kind of patience. So you get two total rolls. (Resetting the board between each roll.) Whichever one you get a higher score on, write it down on the nearby scoresheet! That's the leaderboard.

Oh, and did I mention there are special promo card prizes?

I can't tell you exactly what cards you get just yet, but you can earn up to four alternative-artwork promotional cards depending on how well you roll—one of which is a rare Dragon! The breakdown works like this:

3 points—Land
9 points—Land and Common
12 points—Land, Common, and uncommon
18 points—Land, Common, Uncommon, and Rare

So, in short: you get to roll your spindown breath weapon twice at any point between rounds, then score some nice promos based on how many points you get. 

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