Monday, 3 July 2017

FNM events in July

There will be four Friday's this month but there will be a change to the rotation of Standard and Modern due to the release of the new MTG set on Friday 14th July. This will mean that there will be 3 Standard and just 1 Modern. The promo card this month is 'Reverse Engineer'

In addition to the main FNM event I will also be testing the idea of a smaller FNM event which will start at 5pm. This will be free to enter with FNM promo cards for first and second place (it will still be sanctioned and count toward KD points). This event will be the best of one game and rounds will last just 30 mins. The proposed event formats are as follows...

7th July .... Pauper
14th July .... Mini Masters Draft
21st July .... Peasant
28th July .... Rainbow Stairwell

For the younger players there will also be casual FNM from 4pm which is not a tournament but every play gets an FNM promo (sometimes older ones) just for playing!

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