Saturday, 27 May 2017

Pokemon 'Draft'

For a while I have played around with different ideas for a Pokemon Draft and with us having missed out on a pre-release for the new set tomorrows Gambit Sunday seems like it might be the chance to give one a go!

The idea is that each player will purchase 4 boosters from Sun and Moon Guardians Rising. These packs will then be 'drafted' (Players one the booster, choose one cards and pass the rest to the next player which is repeated until all cards are taken, repeat with the next three packs changing the direction each time)

This will make the deck that you have better than it would with a 'straight' sealed but there will still be a lack of trainer cards. To help balance this each player is allowed to bring 10 trainer cards (from any set) with them to add to their deck if the wish. Each of the trainer cards must be different (no duplicate cards)

Players then add the required energy cards and then play a series of games against each other to find the eventual winner!

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