Friday, 26 May 2017

Like to Draft?

Do you like the idea of an MTG draft but can't really justify buy three boosters? Well what about using just one?

This single booster draft format called "Mini Masters Draft" started at stores in Spain and Italy.

The idea is simple, instead of drafting with 3 boosters simply buy one per play and draft with that. Obviously it makes decks quite small and there are a few rules adjustments to normal MTG to make it work better. It is very similar to a pack wars where players simply add 15 lands to a booster without even looking at it and play a game, except this way you know what is in your deck even it it is not that much!

The extra rules are ...

  • You must use all the cards that you draft.
  • You can add only 10 basic lands and you must have at least one for every colour in your deck.
  • You may have one  free muligan at the beginning of the game.
  • You do not lose the game for being unable to draw a card.
  • You start with 15 life instead of the usual 20.

Anyone fancy giving it a go this weekend at Gambit Sunday?

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