Friday, 7 April 2017

Return of the Dragon Emperor

Return of the Dragon Emperor is the latest expansion in the Trading Card Game and is the thirteenth English expansion.

Our heroes have lost a valuable ally and a dear friend, but there is little time to mourn. Alhama’at has come.

Hope rests on a power forgotten by time, and the rescue of a mysterious princess.

This is the third set in the Lapis Cluster.
Contains powerful cards with dual attributes! Lots of exciting dragon type cards!

Introduces the Dragonoid, Moon Princess, and Treasury Item races.

    Card List

    Card No.
    RDE-001 Dragon Power Chant (Ancient Magic) Light L Rare
    RDE-002 Guardian of Altean Law Resonator Light L Uncommon
    RDE-003 Rachel, Nephilim Commander Resonator Light L Rare
    RDE-004 Ryula, Alabaster Dragon Princess Resonator Light L Super Rare
    RDE-005 Shield of the Nephilim Chant (Ancient Magic) Light L Uncommon
    RDE-006 Tiny Alabaster Drake Resonator Light L Common
    RDE-007 Unleashed Dragonoid Resonator Light L Common
    RDE-008 Zero's Wrath Chant Light L Common
    RDE-009 Fiery Soldier of Milest Resonator Fire F Uncommon
    RDE-010 Memory to Memoria Chant Fire F Common
    RDE-011 Milest, the First Flame Resonator Fire F Super Rare
    RDE-012 Reincarnation Chant Fire F Rare
    RDE-013 Rising Fire Strike Chant Fire F Uncommon
    RDE-014 Salamander, the Spirit of Fire Resonator Fire F Rare
    RDE-015 Sprinting Flame Horse Resonator Fire F Common
    RDE-016 Vengeful Attoractian Wizard Resonator Fire F Common
    RDE-017 Apprentice Wererabbit Resonator Water Wa Common
    RDE-018 Charlotte's Water Dragon Technique Chant Water Wa Uncommon
    RDE-019 Dragonoid Jailor Resonator Water Wa Common
    RDE-020 Eia, God of Water Resonator Water Wa Super Rare
    RDE-021 Kaguya's Decision Chant Water Wa Rare
    RDE-022 Manservant to the Water God Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
    RDE-023 Undine, the Spirit of Water Resonator Water Wa Rare
    RDE-024 Water Kimono of Twelve Parts Addition (Treasury Item) Water Wa Common
    RDE-025 Divine Bird of Attoractia Resonator Wind Wi Common
    RDE-026 Gilgamesh, Immortal Hunter Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
    RDE-027 Heavenly Ox Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
    RDE-028 Miracle Millennia Medicine Addition (Treasury Item) Wind Wi Common
    RDE-029 Research! Chant Wind Wi Uncommon
    RDE-030 Silph, the Spirit of Wind Resonator Wind Wi Rare
    RDE-031 Spinning Myths Chant Wind Wi Rare
    RDE-032 Wind Clad Elf Resonator Wind Wi Common
    RDE-033 Alhama'at's Purge Chant (Ancient Magic) Darkness D Uncommon
    RDE-034 Buer, Great President of Hell Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
    RDE-035 Demon Captain, Eligos Resonator Darkness D Rare
    RDE-036 Demon Orderly Resonator Darkness D Common
    RDE-037 Fury of the Obsidian Dragon Chant (Ancient Magic) Darkness D Rare
    RDE-038 The Insane Dark Hatter Resonator Darkness D Common
    RDE-039 Viola, Obsidian Dragon Princess Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
    RDE-040 Viola's Machinations Chant (Ancient Magic) Darkness D Common
    RDE-041 Alabaster Dragon Knight Resonator Light L/Water Wa Common
    RDE-042 Alice's World of Madness Addition Light L/Darkness D Uncommon
    RDE-043 Almerius, Summoner of Spirits Resonator Light L/Water Wa Super Rare
    RDE-044 Black Heart Alice Resonator Light L/Darkness D Super Rare
    RDE-045 Black Hole of the Spirit World Addition Fire F/Darkness D Uncommon
    RDE-046 Blazer, Prisoner of Flame Resonator Fire F/Darkness D Rare
    RDE-047 Burning Pot Resonator Fire F/Wind Wi Uncommon
    RDE-048 Concord of Saints and Beasts Chant Fire F/Wind Wi Uncommon
    RDE-049 Cryptid of Tenacious Fire Resonator Fire F/Darkness D Common
    RDE-050 Door of Time Chant Water Wa/Wind Wi Rare
    RDE-051 Dragon of Fire and Wind Resonator Fire F/Wind Wi Common
    RDE-052 Earthfallen Giant Resonator Fire F/Darkness D Common
    RDE-053 End of Days Chant Fire F/Darkness D Rare
    RDE-054 Erasure Chant (Ancient Magic) Light L/Darkness D Common
    RDE-055 Fallen Angel Resonator Light L/Darkness D Uncommon
    RDE-056 Fallen Saint Resonator Light L/Darkness D Common
    RDE-057 Fiery Bird of Reincarnation Resonator Fire F/Wind Wi Rare
    RDE-058 Fiery Fox of Reincarnation Resonator Fire F/Wind Wi Common
    RDE-059 Forest Spirit Resonator Fire F/Wind Wi Common
    RDE-060 Gill Alhama'at Ebon Dragon Emperor, Gill Alhama'at
    Gill Alhama'at, He Who Grasps All
    Ruler J-ruler
    Light L/Darkness D Ruler
    RDE-061 Gill Lapis, Conqueror of Attoractia Gill Lapis, Rebel of Darkest Fires Ruler J-ruler Fire F/Darkness D Ruler
    RDE-062 Glistening Chick Resonator Water Wa/Wind Wi Uncommon
    RDE-063 Gnome, the Spirit of Earth Resonator Light L/Water Wa Uncommon
    RDE-064 Kaguya, Tears of the Moon Kaguya, Millennium Princess Ruler J-ruler Water Wa/Wind Wi Ruler
    RDE-065 Kaguya's Pictorial Scroll Addition (Treasury Item) Water Wa/Wind Wi Common
    RDE-066 Kingdom of Spirits Addition Light L/Water Wa Uncommon
    RDE-067 Mariabella, the Machine Hearted Resonator Fire F/Wind Wi Super Rare
    RDE-068 Mermaid of Lifegiving Resonator Light L/Water Wa Common
    RDE-069 Millennia Bond Chant Water Wa/Wind Wi Uncommon
    RDE-070 Millium, Successor of the Dragon Crest Millium, the Sacred Dragon Ruler J-ruler Light L/Water Wa Ruler
    RDE-071 Millium's Roar Chant Light L/Water Wa Common
    RDE-072 Moon View Rabbit Resonator Water Wa/Wind Wi Rare
    RDE-073 Moonlit Treasury Tree Resonator Water Wa/Wind Wi Common
    RDE-074 Mystia, Manager of the Treasury Resonator Water Wa/Wind Wi Super Rare
    RDE-075 Nightmoon Blossom Resonator Water Wa/Wind Wi Common
    RDE-076 Pricia, True Beastmaster Reincarnated Maiden of Flame, Pricia Ruler J-ruler Fire F/Wind Wi Ruler
    RDE-077 Pricia's Leap Chant Fire F/Wind Wi Rare
    RDE-078 Rain of Light Chant Light L/Water Wa Rare
    RDE-079 Rapid Shot Chant Fire F/Wind Wi Common
    RDE-080 Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux Resonator Light L/Darkness D Rare
    RDE-081 Schrödinger's Observation Chant Light L/Darkness D Rare
    RDE-082 Searing Dead Resonator Fire F/Darkness D Common
    RDE-083 Secret Messenger of the Mikage Resonator Fire F/Darkness D Uncommon
    RDE-084 Sissei, Pricia's Barrier Addition Fire F/Wind Wi Uncommon
    RDE-085 Spirit of Sacred Rains Resonator Light L/Water Wa Common
    RDE-086 Swirling Demon Dimension Chant Fire F/Darkness D Common
    RDE-087 The Alabaster Dragon Princess' Rescue Chant Light L/Water Wa Uncommon
    RDE-088 The Dark March Hare Resonator Light L/Darkness D Common
    RDE-089 The Dark Sleeping Dormouse Resonator Light L/Darkness D Common
    RDE-090 The First Moon Addition (Moon/Treasury Item) Water Wa/Wind Wi Uncommon
    RDE-091 The Two Dragon Princesses Chant Light L/Darkness D Uncommon
    RDE-092 Unending Hatred Chant Fire F/Darkness D Uncommon
    RDE-093 Valentina, the Twilight Passion Resonator Fire F/Darkness D Super Rare
    RDE-094 Water-Wind Knight Resonator Water Wa/Wind Wi Common
    RDE-095 Will o'the Wisp Resonator Light L/Water Wa Rare
    RDE-096 Ancient Magic Stone Special Magic Stone Light L/Darkness D Rare
    RDE-097 Kaguya's Stone of Sorrow Special Magic Stone Water Wa/Wind Wi Rare
    RDE-098 Magic Stone of the Ebon Home Special Magic Stone Fire F/Darkness D Rare
    RDE-099 Memoria of Reincarnation Special Magic Stone Fire F/Wind Wi Rare
    RDE-100 Stone of the Dragonoids Special Magic Stone Light L/Water Wa Rare
    RDE-101 Darkness Magic Stone Magic Stone Darkness D No rarity
    RDE-102 Fire Magic Stone Magic Stone Fire F No rarity
    RDE-103 Light Magic Stone Magic Stone Light L No rarity
    RDE-104 Water Magic Stone Magic Stone Water Wa No rarity
    RDE-105 Wind Magic Stone Magic Stone Wind Wi No rarity

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