Friday, 21 April 2017


Amonkhet Story

"When the Gatewatch arrive on the harsh desert plane looking for Nicol Bolas, they discover a shielded city-oasis being protected by five gods that walk among the people. There, citizens devote their lives training for the trials of the gods to ultimately earn a place in the promised Afterlife."

Following the prerelease this weekend all players will get their own "trials" which will start from from next Friday's FNM (when the set is released)

In your Prerelease Packs, you will receive a trials checklist card that lists five challenges:

These challenges sync-up with our organized play programs. For each trial that you complete, we will hand out one of the rare four-sided dice (while supplies last). Please note the supply of these is limited so please remember to present your card at the relevant events to get it ticked off and receive your dice.

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