Thursday, 13 October 2016

Stak Bots Red

Today we have received stock of the new Stak Bots - Red. It goes on sale tomorrow, but if you want to have a look at the new bots before, then here they are ...

This fiendish little scamp generates an EMP tuned to the frequency of the most powerful Bot (or Bots!) in play, regardless of where they are in their Stak.

When Juggler Bot enters play, it grabs the front 3 Bots of a Stak and deftly rearranges them into whichever position suits you best. No, it can't throw itself.

Armour Bot has crafted itself an extra thick second skin made from the husks of fallen Core Bots. It is so tough it can completely ignore the feeble blows and shots of weak Bots.
Harbinger of synchronous entry effects, Avalanche Bot creates a flurry of face-up cards, with a new one appearing atop every single Stak. It is so exhausted from conjuring up such chaos that play then passes to the next player to resolve the first new entry effect.

In basing the design of this Bot on its flesh and blood counterpart, an unfortunate side-effect was generated: an irrational fear of any Bot small enough to be a mouse, that causes the Elephant Bot to self-destruct when confronted! Power zero Bots have never been so damaging!

Here to give a helping hand to its Stakmates, Ladder Bot will force another face-up Bot in its Stak to rise to the top. Perfect for digging out specific abilities at a crucial time, but if there are no other face-up cards its invitation to ascend will fall flat.
As Pit Bot's larger and more manipulative sibling, Crevice Bot can drill up a crack in the ground large enough to swallow an entire front group of face-up cards. Why get rid of one problem card when you can get rid of all its friends as well?
A fearsome beast, Bounty Bot has the power to completely shift the balance of power in a game. Set it up to take down a string of weak Bots and you'll have a fistful of new cards to tinker with.
If you compact enough Spike Bots into a ball, it is possible to create a projectile prickly enough to replicate Spike's damage ability. Fire one of these at an opponent to eliminate two cards with one entry effect!

A generous gentle giant, Nice Bot will hand your opponent the gift of another card when it enters. Maybe they'll be less likely to attack you now?
When Shark Bot spys oil on the water, it moves in for the kill, destroying a damaged card when it enters play. Unfortunately, it doesn't distinguish between friend and foe.

Needy Bot absolutely hates being alone; it kicks up such a stink when it enters play that you're forced to silence it by playing another card on top of it. Another card like a Spur Bot for example...
If you can land a Bee on top of another of your Bots it will reset it, allowing you to use its effect a 2nd time later. If the Bee Bot has nothing nearby to sting, it will look elsewhere for a target and allow you to reset any other top card.
Like the other Leader Bots before it, Ram Leader will grow more powerful when placed with other face-up Bots. When it charges headlong into another Stak, the force of its collision will destroy the weakest surviving card in the Stak. But only if the card isn't stronger than the Ram. Yes it's complicated until you've seen it in action. Yes there will be example diagrams in the instructions.
If you want a demo of this great little game, pop in this weekend I will show you how to play!

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