Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pokemon Prerelease

Today at 4pm it is time for Pokemon Prerelease. The new set is released very soon and this is your chance to get hold of some of the cards early.

Image result for xy evolutions prerelease

Each player will get a special pack containing 4 pokemon XY-Evolutions boosters and a 23 carrd evolution pack which includes one of 4 unique foil promo cards.

Once you have opened your packs you will be able to build a 40 card deck using Energy cards provided at the shop. (You are welocme to keep the energy cards after the event if you wish)

We will then play a few rounds best of one and at the end everyone will receive at least two prize boosters, with the winner in each age group getting one more!

Entry to the event is £20 and it is limited to just 12 players.

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