Monday, 18 April 2016


We hold our weekly games night at the Royal British Legion every Tuesday from 5:30pm until 10pm which is a chance for people to play pretty much what ever they want. There are however some organised events that you may wish to take part in.

Every week we hold a Vanguard Tournament from 7pm. It is a very well attended event and attracts between 16 and 24 players each week. This starts promptly at 7pm and will finish no later that £10. There are prizes for the top placed players and it cost £2 to enter.

We also hold other events on as prize kits become available. In order for people to be aware of these in advance here is a list of coming events...

Tuesday 19th April - STAR REALMS TOURNAMENT (Starting at 6:30pm)

Tuesday 26th April - GAME OF THRONES EVENT (Starting at 7:30pm)

Tuesday  3rd May - DICE MASTERS TOURNAMENT (Starting at 7pm)

Tuesday 10th May - NET RUNNER EVENT (Starting at 7:30pm)

Tuesday 17th May - WARHAMMER CONQUEST TOURNAMENT (Starting at 7pm)

Tuesday 24th May - HEROCLIC TOURNAMENT (Starting at 7pm)

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