Monday, 7 March 2016

New Trial Decks

Take the first step of your journey through the world of Vanguard with Odyssey of the Interspatial Dragon, the first Cardfight!! Vanguard G Start Deck!!

Featuring the mysterious time-manipulating Gear Chronicle clan, this Start Deck contains everything a new player needs to get started, including many powerful cards to swing the tide in your favor as well as an exclusive card that is being released for the first time!!

The starter contains ... 

1 pre-constructed start deck contains 52 pre-set cards/ 1 display contains 6 decks
16 types of cards (1 start deck exclusive card + 15 reprints, inclusive of 2 holo cards)
Starter’s guide and playmat are included.
Each deck includes 1 Cardfight!! Online serial code card. This code can be used to redeem a free PR/0152EN Interdimensional Dragon, Lost Age Dragon” at Cardfight!! Online.

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