Friday, 11 March 2016

Force of Will The Moonlit Saviour Booster

Today we received our first Force of Will Boosters ...

Includes support for the Wererabbit, Elf, and Beast races.

This is the third set in the Alice Cluster

It contains 105 cards:
10 Super Rares
27 Rares
20 Uncommons
38 Commons
5 Magic Stones

Here is a breakdown of what cards are in the set ...
Card No.NameTypeAttributeRarity
TMS-001Angel of Wisdom, CherudimResonatorLight LUncommon
TMS-002Crescent Moon MagicianResonatorLight LRare
Friend from Another World, Kaguya Ruler Light L/Wind WiRare
TMS-004Holy Moon of Pure NightsAddition : Field (Moon)Light LUncommon
TMS-005Izanagi, Keeper of the SealResonatorLight LSuper Rare
TMS-006Kaguya's PremonitionSpell : Chant - InstantLight LCommon
TMS-007Knight of the SolsticeResonatorLight LRare
TMS-008Luminescent Bamboo BulletSpell : ChantLight LRare
TMS-009Lunar IbisResonatorLight LCommon
TMS-010Moonbreeze FairyResonatorLight LCommon
TMS-011Pale SaviorSpell : Chant - StandbyLight LCommon
TMS-012Seal of Shining BambooAddition : Resonator (Treasury Item)Light LCommon
TMS-013Shining StrikeSpell : Chant - InstantLight LUncommon
TMS-014Temple MonkResonatorLight LCommon
TMS-015Tristan, the Knight of SorrowResonatorLight LCommon
TMS-016Tsukuyomi NobleResonatorLight LSuper Rare
TMS-017Veteran MasterResonatorLight LCommon
TMS-018Athena, Titan of RevengeResonatorFire FSuper Rare
TMS-019Blazing Metropolis, Vell-SavariaAddition : FieldFire FUncommon
TMS-020Blessing of AthenaAddition : ResonatorFire FCommon
TMS-021DemonflameSpell : Chant - InstantFire FUncommon
TMS-022Infernal Spirit of Vell-SavariaResonatorFire FCommon
TMS-023Keeper of the Future, SkuldResonatorFire FSuper Rare
TMS-024Keeper of the Past, UrthrResonatorFire FRare
TMS-025Keeper of the Present, VerdandiResonatorFire FRare
TMS-026Memory of DisappearanceSpell : ChantFire FRare
TMS-027Memory of FlameSpell : Chant - StandbyFire FCommon
TMS-028Mordred, the TraitorResonatorFire FUncommon
TMS-029Rukh EggResonatorFire FCommon
TMS-030Spirit of CertoResonatorFire FCommon
TMS-031The Observer Ruler Fire FRare
TMS-032Time Traveling EmissaryResonatorFire FCommon
TMS-033Torching the TimelineSpell : Chant - InstantFire FCommon
TMS-034Vell-Savarian DragonResonatorFire FUncommon
TMS-035Dance of InspirationResonatorWater WaCommon
TMS-036Drill SergeantResonatorWater WaRare
TMS-037Dying SwallowResonatorWater WaUncommon
TMS-038Flower KingdomAddition : FieldWater WaUncommon
TMS-039Magic Conductor's BatonAddition : ResonatorWater WaCommon
TMS-040Muse, Celestial of MusicResonatorWater WaSuper Rare
TMS-041Musician of Shangri-LaResonatorWater WaCommon
TMS-042Peasant RevoltResonatorWater WaCommon
TMS-043Prison in the Lunar LakeSpell : Chant - StandbyWater WaCommon
TMS-044Puppet SoldierResonatorWater WaCommon
TMS-045Shion's HymnSpell : ChantWater WaRare
TMS-046Songstress of Shangri-La Ruler Water WaRare
TMS-047The Flower PrinceResonatorWater WaUncommon
TMS-048ThumbelinaResonatorWater WaRare
TMS-049Valentina, Puppet MonarchResonatorWater WaSuper Rare
TMS-050Valentina's ResistanceSpell : Chant - InstantWater WaUncommon
TMS-051Wererabbit of the Aqua MoonResonatorWater WaCommon
TMS-052Ambush!Spell : Chant - StandbyWind WiCommon
TMS-053Avatar of the Seven Lands, AliceResonatorWind WiSuper Rare
TMS-054Child of the ForestResonatorWind WiCommon
TMS-055Foment of the World TreeSpell : ChantWind WiRare
TMS-056Heart Stirring SageResonatorWind WiUncommon
TMS-057Huanglong, Leader of the Four Sacred BeastsResonatorWind WiSuper Rare
TMS-058Kujata, Sacred OxResonatorWind WiRare
TMS-059Moonbreeze ElfResonatorWind WiCommon
TMS-060Pricia's Call to ActionSpell : Chant - InstantWind WiCommon
TMS-061Rhythm of LifeAddition : ResonatorWind WiCommon
TMS-062Servant to the Sacred MoonResonatorWind WiCommon
TMS-063Timekeeper ElfResonatorWind WiUncommon
TMS-064Wall of WindSpell : Chant - InstantWind WiUncommon
TMS-065Wind-Secluded RefugeAddition : FieldWind WiUncommon
TMS-066Wolf in the MoonlightResonatorWind WiCommon
TMS-067World Tree ProtectorResonatorWind WiRare
TMS-068Yggdrasil, the World TreeRulerWind WiRare
TMS-069Auspicious Bird of the Black MoonResonatorDarkness DCommon
TMS-070Black Moon FairyResonatorDarkness DCommon
TMS-071Call of the PrimogenitorSpell : Chant - InstantDarkness DCommon
Conqueror of the Black Moon, Gill Lapis Ruler Darkness DRare
TMS-073Demon of the Black Moon, LilithResonatorDarkness DRare
TMS-074Demonic CommanderResonatorDarkness DRare
TMS-075Fallen Angelic Destroyer, LuciferResonatorDarkness DSuper Rare
TMS-076Fallen HeroResonatorDarkness DUncommon
TMS-077Izanami, the Sealed TerrorResonatorDarkness DSuper Rare
TMS-078Izanami's CurseSpell : Chant - InstantDarkness DUncommon
TMS-079Knight's ShadeResonatorDarkness DCommon
TMS-080Nighttime RaidersSpell : Chant - StandbyDarkness DCommon
TMS-081Pitch Black MoonAddition : Field (Moon)Darkness DUncommon
TMS-082Silencing SpellAddition : ResonatorDarkness DCommon
TMS-083Space-Time CollapseSpell : ChantDarkness DRare
TMS-084The ExecutionerResonatorDarkness DCommon
TMS-085Witch of the NightResonatorDarkness DUncommon
TMS-086Magic ScrewAddition : ResonatorVoid VoidCommon
TMS-087Marybell, Insane Self-Aware MachineResonatorVoid VoidRare
TMS-088Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding FlameResonatorFire F/Wind WiRare
TMS-089Seal of Wind and LightSpell : Chant - InstantLight L/Wind WiRare
TMS-090Space-Time AnomalySpell : Chant - InstantWater Wa/Darkness DCommon
TMS-091Blade of the Seven Lands, Excalibur XRegaliaVoid VoidRare
TMS-092Heavenly Instrument, HydromonicaRegaliaVoid VoidRare
TMS-093Illusory Demonic Globe, The EarthRegaliaVoid VoidRare
TMS-094Interdimensional Vessel, ApolloRegaliaVoid VoidRare
TMS-095Orb of Disaster, Ifrit GlassRegaliaVoid VoidRare
TMS-096Black Moon's MemoriaSpecial Magic StoneDarkness D/Moon MoonRare
TMS-097Disaster's MemoriaSpecial Magic StoneFire FRare
TMS-098Hymnal's MemoriaSpecial Magic StoneWater WaRare
TMS-099Moonbreeze's MemoriaSpecial Magic StoneLight L/Moon MoonRare
TMS-100Yggdrasil's MemoriaSpecial Magic StoneWind WiRare
TMS-101Darkness Magic StoneMagic StoneDarkness DN/A
TMS-102Fire Magic StoneMagic StoneFire FN/A
TMS-103Light Magic StoneMagic StoneLight LN/A
TMS-104Water Magic StoneMagic StoneWater WaN/A
TMS-105Wind Magic StoneMagic StoneWind WiN/A

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