Friday, 4 December 2015

Heroclix - NEW Prizes

This week I have had some great new prize support for Hero Clix.

First up we have the Abominable Snowman

Looking at the Abominable Snowman’s card he has two keywords, Monster and Mystical, making him a perfectly themed companion for his other Holiday Figure colleagues. He has two traits that make him a very dangerous Snowman; Aura of Cold lets you place action tokens on opposing characters who are 148 points or less that he is in base to base contact with at the ends of your turns. Just a Legend…? gives him the use ofStealth. He also has Mountain Man, granting him Improved Movement that ignores elevated terrain letting him step right over the glaciers and ice cliffs.

Going to the dial we can start to put the pieces together. Starting with Charge, Super Strength with 11 attack, 18 defense with Invulnerability, and 3 damage with Battle Fury this piece is asking to be in the middle of the action. He is a giant brick that can hide in Stealth and ignore elevated terrain for his 5 square Charge, grab an object on his way, attack a single target ignoring any Shape Change, and, if you placed him right, he can keep the opposition busy by adding action tokens to them every turn. Not too shabby! Or is that shaggy? Mid-dial he keeps Charge but changes his attacks with Blades/Claws/Fangs and Toughness keeping his damage dealing potential respectably high. Late dial this frosty-furred fellow is looking to either put the finishing touches on an opponent with Close Combat Expert or to slink back into seclusion with Side Step, Super Senses, and a special power named Giant Snowball that lets him use Incapacitate with a range of 6 that also deals his damage value to a hit target. If he gets knocked down to his last 3 clicks, you can use Incapacitate to give out an action token and some damage, Sidestep into base contact if you aren’t already, and give them another action token with the Aura of Cold trait. You might have to ask yourself, are they frozen by the ice or frozen by fear?

That’s all for now, but there are more prize info to come so watch this space!

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