Saturday, 19 September 2015

Not Open Next Weekend

KD games will not be open next weekend because we will be at CONQEST!!! We will have a selection of products to sell but as the shop is so close if there is anything we have left behind that you want let us know and we will arrange to go and get it.

In addition we will also be demonstrating a couple of really great games. Firstly there is the new Magic the Gathering board game which at just £30 offers really great a value for money...

A great game that's easy to learn and only £30:

It is a really simple game to learn and as it is played to a set number of turns will not take up a whole afternoon. 

Next is a game that I am really enjoying which may well have something to do with the subject matter. Firefly the Shiny Dice game is .. well Shiny!

Demos available at Conquest:

This game is for 1-5 players. Yes that's right you can play this one by yourself and try and beat your personal best. All you favorite characters are here and the mission cards bring back some great memories of the series.

If you can not wait until CONQUEST or if you already have a busy day of tournaments planned then we are happy to demo the games today at the shop or at Tuesdays KD Games Night

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