Saturday, 28 April 2018

TNT - Dice Masters League Week 2

Results from Paupers night. 

Round 1 
Tobey beat Nick 2/0 
Olly beat Marc 2/0 
Chris beat Jake 2/0 
Kevin vs Will - tied game 

Round 2 
Marc beat Nick 2/1 
Will beat Jake 2/0 
Kevin beat Chris 2/1 
Olly beat Tobey 2/0 

Round 3 
Olly beat Kevin 2/1 
Will beat Tobey 2/0 
Mark beat Chris 2/0 ( technical brilliance were the words used) 
Jake beat Gary 2/0 

Event results 
1st Olly 
2nd Will 
3rd Marc.

Event points 
Kevin 7pts, Tobey 4pts, Olly 13pts, Will 11pts, Marc 8pts. Nick 2pts (retired early). Chris 5pts. Jake 4pts, Gary 1pts (joined in for the last game), Stuart 0pts (did not participate) 

League positions 
Olly 26pts 
Will 20pts 
Marc 13.5pts 
Kevin 12pts 
Topey 12pts 
Nick 6pts 
Stuart 5.5pts 
Jake 5pts 
Chris 5pts 
Gary 1pt

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