Saturday, 9 September 2017

Colour Chess / Lure

In this week is the new game from DogEared Games.

Colour Chess and Lure are stand-alone games that can be combined, with adjustable gaming setups allowing for complexity to suit anything from young kids right through to Chess Masters.
In both games the premise is similar: use the colours to control and predict your opponent’s movements.
Each player takes two turns at a time, but on the first turn players must move onto the same colour tile that their opponent moved onto on their last turn. This allows you to bait pieces, force movement and control certain colours on the board.
Strategies and skills learned through traditional Chess are directly applicable to Colour Chess, but you must learn to incorporate the use of colours in your strategy and adapt your skills to a new board every game.
There is also a strong emphasis on creativity and exploration, whether it is in the construction of the board, the different pieces and game modes you can combine, or how to escape a seemingly impossible situation!

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