Friday, 10 March 2017

Netrunner Terminal Directive

Terminal Directive is an upcoming narrative campaign expansion for Android: Netrunner that allows players to enjoy a constantly evolving murder mystery in the Android universe.

Corp and Runner compete in a thrilling race for the control of valuable data that plays out over the course of an extended campaign. Each match impacts the larger shape of the investigations. Each data set unlocked leads players in a new direction. They may have run before. They may have pursued corporate agendas. But nothing players have done has yet prepared them for Terminal Directive and the narrative-driven campaign play it brings to Android: Netrunner.

As a completely new way to play Android: Netrunner, Terminal Directive will allow players to immerse themselves in the Android universe, allow a new story to unfold, and create a truly memorable gameplay experience.

So, of course, the Event Kit provides some fantastic prizes for players to take home and keep as a memento of their gritty murder mystery investigation. At the beginning of the event, each player will receive two double-sided extended art ID cards. These double-sided cards feature the new Runners and Corps from Terminal Directive—Steve and Ayla on one card and Siedr Laboratories and Skorpios Defense Systems on the other.

Each player will also receive a double-sided Directive card, representing additional goals for each side. As they play in the event, they will be able to meet certain objectives (in addition to winning, of course) and check the boxes as they are completed.

It should be noted that attendees will need to play multiple games in order to complete the objectives on the Directive card. Once a player has finished playing and completing objectives, they can turn in their Directive card to claim up to three copies of both of the extended art cards, one for Runner and one for Corp, more details of the event will be published once we have a better idea of timecale.

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