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Things to know about Gen 2 - Pokemon Go

So after the first day what do we know about Gen2?

1. Gen 2 Pokémon Are Spawning A LOT!

So everyone knows that 80+ Pokémon have been added to the game, though an exact list of who showed up is still being formulated. But with ~80 Pokémon joining the current ~150, that should mean that only one out of every three Pokémon spawning in the wild is Gen 2, right?

Wrong. Niantic realized that people wouldn’t be terribly excited for Gen 2 if loads of Gen 1 kept showing up, so they skewed the numbers a bit. It’s unclear how long this will last (it could be indefinitely, but maybe not), so take advantage while you can.

2. A Lot Has Changed With Capturing Pokémon

A few things to note as you go to catch new Gen 2 Pokémon in the wild. You’ve probably already seen the new ball/berry selector (which is much better), but there’s more to it than that.

There are now “Critical Captures” in the game, where you will sometimes snag an instant Pokémon catch on a single shake, which is something pulled from the handheld game. What causes Critical Captures has not been exactly determined, but it could be the capture bonuses provided by medals.

Also, you now get a 50 XP bonus if your first ball catches a Pokémon. This happens decently often, so it’s a nice little general XP boost. Finally, you may notice that certain Pokémon have new move animations you haven’t seen before. There’s one that has the Pokémon zip around diagonally and another that has it float high off the ground and stay there a while.

3. Catching Evolved Pokémon Gives A Candy Bonus

At long, long, long last, Niantic implemented a great change. In order to inspire players to catch level 2 and 3 evolved forms of Pokémon they might have avoided otherwise, there’s now a candy boost for each level.

Instead of the usual three, a 2nd-stage evolution will give five candy, and a third stage will give 10 candy, you also get more Stardust as well, though I'm not sure on exact amounts. Might be 300 for 2nd, 500 for 3rd)

4. Lapras Got downgraded.

You might be confused that your Lapras suddenly got knocked out of your list of high CP Pokémon. Lapras was hit with an enormous nerf as Gen 2, and seems to be the only Pokémon to have suffered this fate.

While many moves have been rebalanced or removed, Lapras seems to be sole CP casualty, and you may see yours lose as much as several hundred CP.

5. Gen 2 Babies Now Spawn In The Wild

Generation 2 has technically been in Pokémon GO for some time in the form of babies that hatched from eggs as of last December. But with the arrival of Gen 2, apparently they’ve expanded into the wild as well.

6. No Berry Stacking

You may have noticed that there are two new types of berries, one that slows the movement of Pokémon so they’re easier to hit, another that gives you double candy for a capture. They join the original berry which lets you catch the Pokémon easier.

While it will be everyone’s first idea to stack all three berries the second you see something you really want, Niantic isn’t making it that easy. You have to pick which berry effect you want active, because only one will work at a time. This is indicated by a little berry icon by the Pokémon, and you can only apply one per breakout cycle. Choose wisely.

7. There's A New Eevee Trick That Works

If you want two of Gen 2’s most famous Pokémon, you don’t have to wait. Many thought there would be some new trick to getting Eevee to evolve into Umbreon or Espeon, evolving them during the day or at night or something, but it turns out it’s an old trick instead.

You could name Eevee for a guided evolution in Gen 1, and it is the same again. For Espeon, it’s Sakura, for Umbreon, it’s Tamao. Be sure to close your game and reopen it before you evolve to make sure the names have stuck. It’s not clear if these two will be Vaporeon-level dominant in this meta, but who wouldn’t want them all the same?

Update: Players are currently working on a theory that if you walk 10 kilometers with your Eevee as a buddy, then evolve it, it could either be an Espeon or Umbreon instead of the others. It may indeed depend on what time of the day local time you evolve them. I’m not considering this confirmed yet, but you can try it after you use up your allotted naming trick.

8. Keep An Eye On Your Pokemon's Gender

You will notice that I think all Pokémon have a gender now. Sometimes this results in a few visible changes like a male Gyarados with blue whiskers or a female Raichu with a non-pointed tail. While gender currently means nothing right now, I would definitely start trying to collect both a male and female version of each Pokémon.

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