Tuesday, 9 August 2016

New Pokemon Lines

Today we have lots of new Pokemon items in stock...

First we have the new collectors folders that come with a booster for just £4.

Next is the tripple packs which have a foil card and a collectors pin as well as three new boosters, these are £12

There is also the Elite Trainers Boxes at £35, these have 9 new boosters, 65 sleeves, 45 energy cards, damage counters, flip coin, 2 acrylic markers and a great box to store your cards in.

For those collecting the mythical collection there is the new Arceus boxes at £12.

Of course if you prefer boosters we have the new ones at £3 each or a full box at £80.

All are in stock and on the shelves now, why not pop along to Pokemon League today or Thursday and have a look.

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