Saturday, 9 July 2016

How about a Force of Will Draft

Force of Will : Booster Draft, How to and Tips

It's quite some good news (in my opinion) that FoW boosters can be drafted too! (if you haven't heard about it yet)

Things to note about doing this ...1. Have a minimum of 4 players. More people dividable by 4 is better. But i think 4 is enough.
2. Prepare 20 Booster Packs (for 4 players). Each player holds 5 Booster Packs.
3. Ideally we need around 10-15 of each Element of Magicstones but as I have not got these yet we cn use MTG lands
4. Sleeves (will be necessary firstly to protect cards, and secondly disguise the MTG lands)

How to play ...
Dividing the cards:
1. Divide the boosters evenly.
2. After all players got their boosters, every players open the 1st booster packs.
3. Put the basic magicstones to one side
4. Take 1 card from the pack, and make sure no one looks at your booster packs/ or the cards you have chosen.
5. Give it to the person next to you (to your left as normal drafting rules).
6. Take the cards passed to you and again take 1 card from the pack, and give it to the person next to you in the same direction as before
7. Repeat number 6 until all cards are divided evenly.
8. Open the 2nd booster packs and repeat from number 3. But this time, you should give the remaining cards counter-direction. (1st booster is to your left, the next booster should be to your right, and the next after that to the left again.)
9. Repeat for the 3rd packs, 4th packs, and 5th packs from step 3-7.

Note : you can take any cards from the packs, but only 1 for each time.
You can take any ruler, because it will be your advantage if you do.

Deck building...1. After the packs are opened and all cards divided evenly to the players, each players should have around 50 cards.
2. Players are given 10 minutes to build their decks, each main decks consist of 30 cards, and the magicstones deck should be maximum of 20 cards.
3. You can use your Ruler if you got 1 from the packs drafting, or if you didn't get one, you get a copy of Clockwork Magic Furness to use as a Ruler. (I have printed out some copies.)

The ability of the Clockwork Magic Furness allows players to seach the magic stone deck for a stone of their choice and put it to the top of the deck which allows players to start the games in a positve situation. (this is done after the opening hand is drawn)

So at the end of Deck building session, each players will have exactly 30 cards in their Main Deck (regardless of the Elements), and at maximum of 20 cards in their Magicstone Deck.

1. Players will play in three rounds using a SWISS pairing system.
2. The game last at maximum 30 minutes.
3. After 30 minutes, if the game hasn't end, there should be 1 last turn for each of the players, starting from the next players.
4. If after the last turns the game still hasn't end, Check the Lifepoints, the player that have more lifepoints wins. If the lifepoints is the same, it is a draw!

At the end...
1. Take all the rares, the SRs, and the Rulers together.
2. The 1st choose first, continuing with the 2nd, and the 3rd, and the 4th and so on, the remaining cards should be taken by the players who drafted it.
3. All commons and uncommons are kept by the players that picked them.

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