Friday, 12 February 2016

Hero Clix Worlds Finest

World’s Finest (WF#060; Rarity: Super-Rare) features a beautiful sculpt of Batman and Superman together— teamed up to fight side-by-side— and can be played at 75, 200 or 300 points— with 3, 7 or 10 clicks of life respectively.  Looking at their combat & team abilities, we can see that they feature the Wing speed symbol, Duo attack symbol, Indomitable, a 7 range and both the Batman Ally and Superman Ally team abilities.  At all three point costs, this figure has the trait World’s Finest Team that grants them immunity to their powers/abilities being countered or their combat values decreased.  When playing them at either their 200 or 300 point starting lines, they have the trait Good Distraction, Bruce which allows them to make a second attack in a turn if they miss with an attack (so long as they haven’t used the Duo ability in that turn)— because Batman didn’t really miss… it was just a feint to set up Superman.  When played at 300 points, World’s Finest has an additional trait Bruce Will Win At Any Cost that allows them use of the Colossal Stamina ability, but they must take 2 damage instead of 1—a big sacrifice but one that could potentially turn the tide of a game.
Looking at their dial, when played at 300 points, World’s Finest starts off with a combination of Hypersonic Speed, Super Strength and Invincible with an impressive 5 natural damage.  When played at 200 points, World’s Finest starts with a combination of Running Shot and Impervious and picks up both Outwit and Hypersonic Speed later in the dial.  When played at 75 points, World’s Finest starts with a combination of Charge, Super Strength, Close Combat Expert and a Defense Special Power Bruce Tells Me When to Dodge and When to Take the Hit which grants them Combat Reflexes and Toughness.
The new set of Hero CLix DC HeroClix: Word’s Finest set is released this weekend. I will post some images of the recent Prerelease in the coming days along with some of the new figures you can expect to find in the set.

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