Monday, 11 May 2015

Vanguard League

This week at Vanguard League on Tuesday Night, we will be doing things slightly different. As you are probably aware each week we hold a Vanguard Tournament with each round being the best of 3 games. Normally these rounds are not timed and players have as long as they like to finish their games. This is because this is a casual environment and games are supposed to be fun. It does not however help to prepare players for bigger events. So with that in mind the format for Tuesday this week will be different...

Instead of playing a best of 3 games will be doing just one and there will be a time limit. Players will only get 20 minutes to complete their games. Any game not completed when the timer runs out results in a draw!

This will mean that the event will be over much quicker but also means that players will need to think about how they play and what deck they are going to use.

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